Morning for night

Minutes for seconds

Thoughts move in and out

Riding rails of memories

On tracks into space.

Rain for snow

Blanketed crystals that draw me in

The swirling movement below neon light

Melting on Windows warm.

Exchanging words for a glimpse

Into the heart of each minute

Lived by the soul who barters,

The happy from sad

The good through the bad

Emerging in color where white slate sits

The world and skies filled

Clouds for blue

Where energy moves through

Exchanging this for that

Then back once more

Ever changing


These thoughts and words

Into life.

Thoughts this morning as a gentle snow falls, turning the world white, yet upon falling to rest on a window, turns to water that slips quietly away into the crevices , not as beautiful as the soft crystals, yet still noticed. As morning comes, leaving night behind, welcome to another day.


17 thoughts on “Exchanging

  1. I found quite the balance in it, moving from one to another and then back into itself, almost like turning clothes inside out, almost the same yet not. Thank you so much and I’m happy you liked it, peace and love, Kim


  2. Thank you so very much, it was a beautiful sight, I’m sure not so much at quitting time though, been a light winter here. Peace and blessings, K


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