Soul diving

Peering within the depths

The soul timid and shy sometimes,

Yet into the heart of the spots unseen

There rises a thought that finds an audience.

Like tipping off the bone of scalp

Into the cavities of machinery sublime,

A word or phrase rises like bubbles

Seeking to be free

To float in a peace of the sky,

Untethered and drifting at will.

There is no right or wrong

Blushes reach the face as dawning prods the brain,

Everything of the body and soul

Alive and beating and churning out ever more

Of ideas and dreams

Thoughts once unseen,

Come busting through the door of self

Like the cowboy saloon swinging wood on hinges

Back and forth and creaking loudly

The entrance made says

Yeah, this is so right you see

And then slips as quickly away like a tumbleweed

Rolling down the dirt road in search

For the next adventure.

Just a thought on random thoughts that bubble up to the surface and then as quickly after the challenge of a showdown, retreat again into the horizon…move along little doggy…..back to work.😊


12 thoughts on “Soul diving

  1. Thank you Mark, yes, those days are priceless and are filled with so much, looking in the mirror and seeing beyond to unexplored and magnificent territories, ah the magic that awaits, truly a blessing indeed. Peace and love, K

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  2. It is all an amazing adventure Kim, tumbling along until one day you finally touch that beautiful understanding within…and everything changes. Your view is coming from ‘them thar hill’s’…enjoy the journey 🙂
    Great poem, thank you for sharing.


  3. Just being happy…I am so glad you enjoyed. Life is an amazing thing and I keep running into the smallest thoughts that flow into something akin to images and I’m having fun with it all, even if it doesn’t always make sense, gotta tell my story or it will fade away😊 have an amazing day, Beehappy😊

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  4. Beautiful images of the cowboy saloons and tumbleweeds. It will be helpful to conjure that image when my thoughts float by. 🙂
    I had been enjoying your poetry and am so amazed by your love of life and seeing beauty in all. Thank you for sharing such strength and faith, and have a wonderful weekend.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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