letters for the faithful

Sharing the love of an old school real letter from and beautiful woman. I’ve been following Tre for awhile now and her little dog always makes me smile…..respond to her post if you’re inspired and would love to receive a real piece of mail….I’m in😊

a cornered gurl

Since I’m reading a book (If You Find This Letter… by Hannah Brencher) that is totally up my alley, I figured I’d take this opportunity to spread a little letter love. I admire the author in her quest to shower the world with written letters, thus strengthening those who felt weak at times by sending them something, a piece of her, that showed she truly cared. The first five people to like this post and respond with one word you’d like your letter to focus (anything under the sun, however, I do ask that you do not use any vulgar, sexual innuendoes, or risque words; please be mindful and think about what you’d like your letter to focus on) on will get real, live snail mail from yours truly.

1. How will this work?
·Like the post (be one of the first 5).

2. What else should I…

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4 thoughts on “letters for the faithful

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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