A single drop

My world lies so deep

Caught within the moment

Of a trickle of movement

And slipping into

A single drop.

Life force flows endlessly

Flowing on a current of time and change

How at each turn we rearrange

Feeling the life within soothed

By each drop that falls upon

Weary shoulders and thoughts

Relaxed into a state of being.

I carry dreams in my canvas bag

Brought together like a special collection

Smooth stones worn by time,

Gathered here and there on the river side,

And I move like a fallen leaf 

Floating above on gentle ripples

Into the swift bubbling wave

I fall away from view

Yet remembered for the image

I once gave.

I hold in my hands these drops of life

Drinking with thirst each minute of existence

And even though sated,

greedily reach for more.

For the desert will beckon as I grow old

And this moisture loved and embraced

This single drop cherished

Carrying within infinity,

The blue of earth and sky

Spilling into itself

And recreated in abundance

Will sustain these dreams for eternity,

Within the single drop

I shall fall into parched soil,

To give life

Where needed.

12 thoughts on “A single drop

  1. Thank you Michael,
    I streamed this while taking a hot shower, unfortunately at the time not in possession of pen and paper to capture it. I remembered most of it afterward, perhaps a recorder would do me well in the future? I am so glad you enjoyed it too, peace and love, Kim

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  2. Thank you so much my friend, in a very good place these days, moving along through the days, ready to be reunited forever with the sand and waves. Peace and love, K


  3. Beautiful, Kim. This one felt so tender. The way one droplet can mean and carry so much. The way one life and refract the light and send it into such patterns and revelations. The way each human grain of sand, is full of a living grace…


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