A funny thing


It happens,

Is happening right now,

Everywhere around us we move through

Perhaps searching for relief, calm, peace,

Whatever it is we spend the moments searching

And then we get tired.

Maybe because we didn’t find it.

Maybe because we were looking too hard,

Like seeing the forest for the trees

And we feel so low as we wonder some more,

Where is it, I had it a moment ago and now it’s gone

And so we give up, or keep searching

For something

For words,

For thoughts to stay in some kind of order,

To feel or be normal,

A strange word is that one, normal.

What is normal?

I ask myself that too and still don’t quite know how to answer it,

Except I ask,

I throw it out there and wonder in my tired mind state

And right when I am on the verge of giving up,

Walking away from the thought I lost,

I suddenly get a scent through my soul.

Yes a scent,

This one was almonds.

Now I love the smell of these sweet little nuts

And I stopped and thought to myself, what?

Surrounded with machines that belch oil

Like a kid after a bottle of rootbeer,

The machine oil, so unpleasant,

So far removed from anything that smells remotely good,

Yet it keeps finding me,

This calming almond smell

And I close my eyes and just let it settle over me like a happy cloud.

I never did find that thought

And I don’t think it could have been that important,

But what mattered was that I asked

And my answer was a lovely thing,

Yes, quite lovely indeed.

Yes, that was the thought.

Through the things that bring you unease and angst, there will always be a little insight,

Even a fragrance unexpected from out of the blue that tells you, just breathe.

It’s all gonna be alright.

The universe just told me so.

I just should have asked for cookies or something I think?
Thoughts from a very tired mind that keeps malfunctioning in strange ways today, just like my computer and everything I touch. One of those Strange days indeed. Now I shall sing some Lennon I believe….yeah….I shall do that.


12 thoughts on “A funny thing

  1. Now that is a great comment to find first thing in the morning as I eat my oatmeal and blueberries. I am glad you enjoyed it, I hope my mind trend continues on in that case 🙂 peace and blessings, K


  2. It must be that universe thing…messing with the connections and by doing so, connecting us to something much deeper. I get giddy when these things happen, and embrace it for the joy it gives me. It’s either that or the meds disconnecting my mind, arghh…..I shall take the almond scents from nowhere gladly I think😊 so glad I could share in the craziness….all is good and right, peace and much love, K

    Liked by 1 person

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