On finding magic

Sleeping in unease

Tossing and turning like a wayward blowing leaf,

Searching the book of dreams for magic,

Flipping pages restlessly

Finding only emptiness in the dark.

Rising in the midnight hours

Snow whips untamed beyond the glass

Walking in half wake motion

Asking the skies for relief.

Thunder of ringing rockets the soul

Out of the depths of night to morning

And stumbling down in search of solace

Holding the book that had waited

For far, far too long.

I find you there,

Nestled between ads and the unnecessary,

Words of laughter and magic find me parched

And it fills the soul with water-like coolness

And I feel the smile within

Rising like a vibrant sun

That had been gone for too long.

Sweet parables of lost time,

And I see these and hold each one close to heart,

Lifting me higher into the realm of knowing

That a reminder was what was needed,

That to hold these words close in a cosmic hug

Brought me into the day

Balanced on a teeter-totter

Kicking my legs in glee,

Please, don’t let me down as I fly

Let us go higher into this moment,

To be alive like a child’s gleeful laughter,

Finding the magic once more.


17 thoughts on “On finding magic

  1. Thank you so very much Denny. So glad you enjoyed it. Magical moments are just that, purely magical….and exciting and leave in their wake, sparkles of memories that will find you later down the road. Peace and love, K

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  2. I think perhaps we are soul sisters. But then again the entire universe is connected too. I still have to respond to your lovely email. It is on my list for this weekend. I did not want you to think I had forgotten. It was impolite of me not to get back right away and for that I apologize. Will talk soon my soul sister. Peace and love, K

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  3. Always, and sometimes I find it too where least expected. I like a calm peace in my life, when things get crazy bad, I remember then to search for the magic and the light finds me. It was just hiding and waiting for the game to resume. Peace and love, K


  4. I love how the world moves in waves that way, from one person to another, after a night of barely any sleep, I dislike waking feeling that way, so I tend to pick a random piece to read and the first one I touched hits morning allowed the magic to fill in the lack. Waiting on the weekend as I am just so far behind in reading, helps to add the blah to the mood. If I hadn’t per used your piece yet, which is likely, I will look forward to it, add more magic to my day. Peace and blessings and sending magic your way. Peace and love, Kim

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  5. I enjoyed reading this magical poem, beautifully written on finding that magic. My poem on Monday was about not being able to find the magic, similar themes but interesting how different they are. 🙂

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