Memories of a moment

Small child sits upon a downed tree below a sign,

His sister sits beside him under a sleepy fall sun

And I drive by slowly watching beyond the glass.

A parent takes a photo,

A woman moves backwards,

Camera raised to catch the scene

And the boy looks up to the birds that fly

There on a dirt road.

Precious mountain it is called,

A place I’ve never been

Yet the image keeps returning to me,

The moment forever captured in a strangers memory keeping box

And I wonder if as the years pass by,

Will those children remember that very moment,

Will happy memories of a day in the warm morning

Come flooding back to bring joy.

I am here though in a separate place

Far from that gentle beauty of nature,

The snow falls around me

Showering down like asteroids in a game I recall,

I imagine my car as the blaster

Shooting particulate to dissipate these huge orbs

And they cover me and I watch alert

Remembering days of no school

But grown now and expected to be

In places that need to keep moving

And my car barrels through

As my mind drifts away

To that snapshot I had taken in time

Remembered so far away.

Thoughts on coming home from Florida a few months ago and a family taking photos, capturing memories….the snow races two inches an hour and to work I move, lost in thoughts of a yesterday.


8 thoughts on “Memories of a moment

  1. I love this comment Michael, just by you mentioning memory moments, my head began to swirl with thoughts from way back then, I guess in the big scope, in the universal scheme, what seems like so long ago is really just a speck of time. I had a night rich with dreams and have been having many, where I travel to strange and wonderful places and I awaken to a calm as if I had been there before at some point in my life. Remembering names of people I searched for in those dreamscapes, hours after I’m awake, waiting to see what that is a sign of but I will say, if I meet someone named Seamus O’Gallagher I think I may truly be amazed. Taking my meds and being conscious of my inner self, amazing how I move my mind where it needs to go, seeing the sensations and feelings that certain habits have hidden, feeling this detoxed soul gives peace, almost like a new me and what an incredible gift I’ve been given.
    I thank you for making my day that much more brighter, lighter and magical. Peace and amazement of today.

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  2. The thoughts and moments you capture are so poignant, Kim. We all have a few snatches from childhood that we recall don’t we? And it’s always a wonder to call them up, and wonder why those moments– so innocuous seeming today– were the ones that dug in the deepest. It really leads me to believe every moment contains such richness. It is only the filtering of our mind that assigns an order and a weighted-value to some moments over others. But Love knows none of that. The snowflake is enough. The knob on the car door that you could crank to lower the window. A particular crack in the sidewalk, or grain of wood on the boardwalk. A pair of weathered shoes. The shape of a soda bottle… It all touches us, and sticks, and matters…


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  3. Thank you so much pixieannie, still pondering my post for today and my thoughts keep flowing wily-nily. Sometimes that’s a good thing, that’s kind of how this post went, but it seemed well received and I thank you for the compliment. Happy day to you, peace and love, K

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