Love and importance

He gave me a flower

Not out of love nor infatuation

But it was required at his job

As ladies paid for their purchases,

It made it no less special

Because in its simplicity

Sitting alone on a window sill

It was beautiful.

I see the fullness of red hue

Against the cold blue-white extreme beyond,

Sixteen below yet warm within,

A bloom of life that gives a smile.

Letters sent across miles,

Pretty print of heartfelt words

Eager to return gestures of selfless joy,

Hand penned cards from a heart of gratitude,

Stamped and ready to fly back

To a kind soul now a friend.

Sitting by a fire blazing,

In the shadows of night we while away time

Talking and being

Connected at the heart

And this day we said I do,

With no regrets as time passes

The importance of loving with the heart and soul,

Of taking time to relish the special moments,

Through better and worse believing

That this day, like all days

Should be held sacred and special,

That love will rise and shine a special light

If we only open our eyes

To the simplicity of love.

I came across the picture as my wonderful husband was sorting our memories and it made me smile, in the simplicity of days where you never knew where life would take you, to stop and smell the flowers, to enjoy the life you make, to love yourself no matter what and to spread beauty and light to the world when possible. Photo taken at Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina while enduring bi-weekly bouts of chemo. Cancer free ten years now and married for seven as of today. Happy anniversary and still, Life is Good. Love you more!


35 thoughts on “Love and importance

  1. Thank you so very much Sheldon, getting geared up for a little more calm these days, internet goes in Friday and life will resume a sense of normalcy. I miss being around more regularly and my friends, yourself included, make me feel as if everything will morph into their respective places, calm will prevail and the sun each day will shine on. Thinking of you, always, K


  2. Thank you my friend, happy days ahead and time to catch up finally….one more week or so then normalcy in paradise. Have a lovely weekend, peace and blessings, kim


  3. Ah, I love the kitties and their ability to just soak up the sun when they wish, a bit warmer today, I think up to 47 with 35 mph winds….that will melt that snow for sure☀️❄️💦 most likely moving by the first or the 29th…..coming quickly but so very excited. 🙀 yay, too excited.

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  4. Miao Tse-Tung the cat is out basking on the terrace for you. Temperature’s gone up significantly in the past few days. hang on. March is around the corner, and so is Florida. 😉

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  5. Sounds rather charming to me! Usually it hits me in the mid-afternoon for some odd reason. One of these days I’ll learn to hold onto my words for a day or two before they flow out into the world. Hope this day is a nice one for you as well. 🙂

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  6. Thank you so much Elizabeth, that means a lot to hear. Enjoying the day off and pondering what to write as I do dishes, always a calming peaceful thing to do, albeit a chore at times. Have a lovely day and I’m so glad this resonated with you 🙂
    Peace and love,

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  7. Every day can be as beautiful as we make it. Just finished reading a great article on gratitude and enjoying the holiday off and grateful to be here enjoying solitude with the pups on another cold day. Love makes the world go round and I am blessed for all of the gifts. Hope your days are bright and things going exceptionally well, then again, how could they not?
    Peace and love my friend,

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  8. A beautiful reflection, Kim. You bring us into a world without regrets, full of simply joys, and I am thankful for that indeed! Nothing like a flower or two, to grace the inner warmth of the year’s coldest days to date! Stay warm!

    Peace and Love

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  9. Thanks Mary, it was a fun write and I’m glad it made you smile and brought joy to your day too. Peace and love and happy Monday to you, a day off for me, three in a row is even much more fun. Kim


  10. Thank you Derrick, it brought me such joy to write it. I don’t post photos of myself often but realize it is a part of my writing, a piece of who I had been and it all evolves into itself after awhile. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it. Peace and love, K

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  11. Beautiful, as usual Kim. And congratulations on 10 years of cancer free and 7 years of marriage!

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  12. I interpreted it to include a bit about the letter as well, but didn’t want to jump to conclusions. I’m so glad it arrived safely and for safekeeping. You’re so welcome. And, I look forward to it!

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