The observance of a reality

In mirrors passed she watches a stranger

Eyes deep and known like a twin flame flickering,

Hands move slowly to feel the silk

Of each curve and fold

As for the first time

Seeing the changes of life.

Who is this soul that observes 

With new eyes and understanding these things that always pass,

Like youth moving into the new age

With closed eyes not wanted to acknowledge 

Truth that it all becomes different,

That in understanding there lies a certain beauty

In the serenity and acceptance

Of a life moving in waves and colors.

Quiet appreciation for the vessel that holds

The essence of each mile marker portrayed

In wrinkles and scars the mirror never lies

To the truth of individuality and the gift of each piece

Living in this moment,

Reflections of life

Through caterpillar to butterfly,

To the morphing of what must be

We rise and fly

In ecstasy,

Content in the form of now.

Thoughts on the changes we travel through on our way to aging gracefully. I often look at my body and wonder, “who is this person” and of course the answer always changes, as we always change. Sometimes too fast for comfort. I look forward to being that butterfly flitting about upon colorful blooms, riding on the wind without a care. Sometimes reminding ourselves that we are indeed unique and magnificent is just the right medicine.


9 thoughts on “The observance of a reality

  1. I am learning to appreciate myself more with each passing year, and getting to the age where I no longer am bothered by anything other than my own perceptions, but then I kick them in gear and say hey beautiful, and mean it too😊


  2. Beautiful reflection on aging. I remember the first time I caught sight of myself in a mirror at a department store and said “You really look like an old woman”. Who I am inside grows more content with the years – like your butterfly.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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