Life designs

Into the state of endless bliss,

Life designs a piece of art

And it is there in each shining moment

Where we live fully, completely.

Upon a blank canvas we fill

Our boards with wishes and dream

Of magical things and places

Taking up spaces as we tell the sky

Our deepest desires.

We shine like stars as we become

The culmination of things we’ve thought,

Of kind words said

Banishing hate instead

Into the world we fly higher

Raising up others is the way to the sky.

Gold and silver buttons

We find along the way

Living in our day to day yet searching

Beneath the unexpected dream to find

The little things we’ve left behind

We’re nothing really after all

For the memory is pinned on  our memories wall

And so we gaze upon all the joys

The bliss

The shining things we didn’t miss

Because we loved it all.

Thoughts in a moment feeling flow and peace as the little glistening flecks fell upon my windshield, reminding me of happy dancing stars for my heart to smile upon.


11 thoughts on “Life designs

  1. Thanks Michael, winding down the life here, will be moving on the 1st of March, so one last week of work….after seventeen years there, wow, seems like a lifetime in a way. Looking forward to the new views, new friends to meet and the sand between my toes of course, when I’m not being a mermaid looking for treasure, but I already have a chest filled with happy stories, thoughts, and more dreams to cultivate. Everything and nothing and a sense of peace and thick as pistachio pudding….not easy bein’ green😊 but I’ll take it😊 life is so joyful right now, feeling like I’m coming to the end of a much loved book but there on the shelf waits the patient sequel waiting to be picked up and lovingly explored. Perhaps like a magical Kimmie Potter and the Beach….smiles. Peace and love my friend,


  2. Another gem. I see a lot of truth tucked away in here… the way we become the culmination of what we’ve once thought, and the way we’re almost nothing at all, and the way “raising up others is the way to the sky…” So true… You fly high, Kim!


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  3. Nothing beats happy dancing stars to put one in a peaceful mood, and then later the sun arrived and it hung about almost all day too. Made me smile. So glad you enjoyed it and thank you, peace and blessings, Kim


  4. I was chuckling as I could at first only see your first sentence and thought to myself, just the beginning? The ending must have sucked…haha…amusing things for me today, and I thank you, so glad you enjoyed it. Have a great day my friend, peace, K

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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