Country road dreaming

In a white cold world

Breath rises into frost tinged skies

Stars shiver in their isolation

As she drifts somewhere far away.

She feels the warmth upon her head

Cascading like a silken waterfall,

Sounds of cicadas fill the air

With a universal hum that lands lightly

Upon her waiting soul.

The sight of color as flowers dance before her

On a summer breeze and endless peace

Dreaming of country roads she’s known.

Wandering through her like ghosts that haunt

Memories of yesterday

Of days that languidly pass below green tall trees

As the hammock swings, lulling her into sweetest sleep.

She walks barefoot slowly here

Feeling the softness of the dust below her feet

And she stops and stares into forever

Knowing this day may not come again

And sweeping up the thoughts in her arms

Holds them close like a small child,

On a frozen day she sits captured within

Unfolding her vision like a solitary gift,

Warming her tired soul

With scenes of a place she recalls,

Her destiny reborn under a molten sun,

Her heart as light

As the dried saved petal in her hand,

Blowing away on the wind

Of tomorrow.


17 thoughts on “Country road dreaming

  1. It’s all one grand adventure though, got my rocket goggles on and am blasting through each day, shaking off the star dust while of course gathering more….weeeeee….have I told you how much fun I’m having? Grabbing the balloon and floating free….weeeeee😀


  2. Beautifully written, Kim. Knowing you are migrating adds to the richness of this piece for me. I can feel you still standing in one place, remembering another, reflecting on times passed that will be no more, except in the memories you hold. So bittersweet sometimes… So rich and real…


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  3. Hi D, doing good, next week is the last week at work so it has been a mad dash rush, move in about a week and two or three days, I have lots of reading to catch up on and I see a few from you in there too, I saved them for this weekend when I could sit for a bit and catch up. Finally going to be warm today, 47….that cold snap of zero wasn’t much fun, makes me appreciate the move that much more. Hope you are doing well up there in the tundra😨 and that you’re staying cozy and warm. Yes, he stars are my favorite muse, although I have many, they are right up there towards the top, thank you for he comment, so glad you liked the words🤗
    Peace and love,


  4. I love the old tired roads that leave you yearning for a walk down them, to gaze at he roadside flowers, or perhaps even a farmers stand where you can buy an apple to take with you on the journey🍎 so glad you enjoyed this piece, I hope to get one out today too, a bit behind in my daily post and reading but it’s the weekend, a favorite time to absorb words and let them flow in return. Peace and love, Kim


  5. Hi Kim; You poems are almost lyrical to me; like they sing! Beautiful words! Your description of the stars suits me. I love being under them… It’s like, magical… How are you?

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  6. Thanks Kat, flying high. Finally got closing date late yesterday, By March 3rd we will be beach bound. Finally….so excited beyond mere words. Thank you my muse, always, K

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  7. But I love John Denver…although our parking lot now looks like Rocky Mountain high and not country dirt roads😊 I could only wish I had half as much talent writing as he did….thanks Morgan.

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  8. It was one degree as I sat in my car before going in to work, dreaming of sunny hammock swinging moments, it helped a bit☀️😊 so glad you enjoyed it, peace and warmth, Kim

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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