Melting dreamscape

Under a cold moon night

Dreams invade the calming thoughts

Scattered in drops of image

Smoothly flowing through.

A gift of proportions unheard of

Beauty and a life overflowing in abundance.

He sang to me of factories

And I am so far removed inside,

Drifting from place to place 

I touched your face again,

One last time before you slid away into a new scene.

We have this happiness here

And things move so quickly yet stay the same

Forever etched in clay

Hardened with the smile we hold

Jumping from dream to dream

Like coffee cups and teaspoons

Laying idle

Waiting to be filled once more

To overflowing states.

We shine here as we sit

Under a bright night sky

One day closer

A special moment captured forever

In the minds eye

Life as it is.

Art piece photos found at:



12 thoughts on “Melting dreamscape

  1. Good afternoon Malc, so glad you enjoyed and you’ve been keeping busy too I see, been enjoying my visits, I know,I should comment more often, my apologies ❤ Peace and blessings, K


  2. Thank you so much, saw he little figures splashing cup to cup and couldn’t resist finding words to go with for the ride. They look like they’re having fun😊 so glad you enjoyed.
    Peace and love, K

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks be, so glad you enjoyed….I love the insane creativity of the pieces, it takes a fun mind to think of that. So glad you enjoyed it. Peace, K


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