Pieced together one by one

Creating lyric, prose and sound

Stocked up higher into our minds

Spinning stories

Creating waves.

What is a word

Sticks and stones of long ago

Yet meaning is only what is given

If it touches within

With passion and fire,

Just a word that was given long ago

To describe a person, place or thing.

It is a label, a feeling, anything at all that you let it

As you keep it alive by giving it emotion,


When nonsense brings smiles

And hate, tears

But looking deeper I can only see

That in the end it is nothing,

Just a word which will live

If I let it breathe,

If I give it worth

Like time itself,

Fleeting at best but still a measure

In this space we live,

Yet I see eternity in each second

I see a future beyond end

And I write these words as they fall from the depths,

Words that really mean nothing

For they are merely words to communicate

For lack of seeing into your eyes, your soul

Where words are not needed

And silence is all to discover

The farthest reaches of what really matters.

Just a word is nothing

Yet a soul that speaks

Rises into it all.

Just a thought I had on the worth some give to words, when words are merely what you allow them to be. But my faves are peace and love of course….


11 thoughts on “Words

  1. Good morning Lilliam, how goes it in sunny PR? I’ve missed you and hope you’re doing well. Things going well here in sunny FL, just putting in applications for jobs, etc….but enjoying getting back in touch with the beauty of life 🙂 peace and love and Jeff says Hi 🙂


  2. Words…ahhh! What would we do without them? Use sign language, yes…but I love the sounds they make when we utter them. Besides being useful to communicate what we feel, I also love the connotations they have, how they grow and develop through the ages. I can’t help it! I’m in love with words!

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  3. Thanks Morgan, I appreciate it and will look forward to the future and regaining he normalcy, and time to write and do your guest author post too. My first long distance move and most likely the last. Peace and love my friend, Kim 💜

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  4. Was reading a course in miracles and the simple theories of how everything has a name because someone had to define it in some way. I wonder what would happen if here was no definitive thing, everything just was….the world would be a lot better place I think. Would love to see your fun stories and yes, miscommunication happens too frequently…if there were no different meanings, again….wow, what a wonderful world it would be…not that it is isn’t already of course😊peace and love and many blessings, K


  5. It’s funny how some words mean different things to everyone…a fun paradox for sure. So glad you enjoyed….slowly catching up on some reads….I may be done by next week at this rate😊thanks Morgan and happy Thursday.

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  6. I love this one, Kim. Aren’t words weird? Peace and Love are my faves too, haha. Some people can just find the right words to express something – like you. Sometimes I can, but usually my brain is going so fast, it can’t be bothered with finding the right ones, so I make them up. All of those word things just have the meaning one gives them. So often misunderstood. How many conversations we have, where two people leave a conversation thinking we talked about 2 completely different things. So funny. Unless you talk about it later, it may never be understood. We all have different realities. It can be sooo funny when both people realize there are 2 conversations going on. I have a lot of funny stories of those.

    Anyway -! Great post. I love your poems!

    Peace and Love,

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