Star child

She is a starseed

Left in the darkness with a book of memories

Brought to life with pages filled

With stories of the days before

The rite of magic

And the heart fulfilled.

She moves through portals into light

Bringing with her a special glow

Turned loose on a world of lost souls that move

In time to the second hand

Of a broken watch fob found.

Her history grows lighter with each passing story

Pages become blank and refilled with the minutiae of now

As she searches her mind to remember

That she can no longer recall.

She fights the pull of darkness

Slashing at the bonds that hold

And pleads the stars for guidance from

The little specks of her before self that she hears call.

She feels the energy move her

Like high tides and passing moons into themselves,

As they become silent and form into whole

She knows the path she follows

Will take her to where it is

That her soul longs to go.

She is a starseed

And she will claim her destiny

Through love and life

Hunger and war

She will spread the dust of a thousand silent stars

And give voice to the new eternity

That beckons her forth

Into herself,

Into everything and nothing

And she will rise and shine in her place kept waiting

Nestled among her tribe,

In her home on midnight velvet

Beside sweet Luna

And the sea

Is where she will meet

A new and beautiful day

She will be free.

30 thoughts on “Star child

  1. Hello my friend, I’ve truly missed this place. Took three days to move down here, taking our time with a full load in a trailer and the two dogs and cat, now unpacking. The fridge down here went so yesterday new one delivered, everything is falling into place so easily and the spring weather and sunshine just makes me giddy. Next week Internet and back to blogging, still some unpacking to do. I thought of you on the move, had my little yellow smiling sponge bob on the dashboard so when I got into treacherous driving, I pretended he was Hafiz laughing at me, saying you can do this, I’ll show you how Easy it can be, and then I’d start laughing and felt the tension slip away. We were in Cincinnati the night some tornados blew through, the next town over got hit. It was an interesting yet fun trip. Glad to be here safe and sound and ready for the next adventure of the day😊 peace, love, and lots of overflowing joy. K

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  2. Thank you so much, and I apologize for taking so long to respond. Just finished a thirteen hundred mile move to a new home and still getting organized, unpacked,etc….but the sun is nice, the mood is bright and I shall be back to blogging soon. Peace and love, Kim

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  3. Glorious, Kim! I love that “she knows the path she follows will take her to where it is her soul longs to go…” There is joy in this movement down the river of a peaceful destiny. Joy for all to share in. You capture it beautifully!

    Peace and Love

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  5. Awesome my friend, I think I’m feeling tears, such an emotional day and you just made it even better. Wow, I am so happy, thank you πŸ˜Šβ­οΈπŸŒŸβœ¨πŸ’«

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  6. No Mary, you were an inspiration today, this morning as I read comments on Michaels post and about what you said about Monsanto, I needed to believe in the healing of our world by the special souls sent to teach a new earth way of embracing instead of destroying, new stories to replace the old, etc…. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and thank you for such a lovely comment. Peace and love my friend, Kim


  7. Letting my cosmic side loose this morning. A lovely moon inspired and for my last day at work, embracing a future of stars over a calm ocean. So glad you enjoyed it, your comment sent me flying even higher, thank you Morgan, for everything and for being you, love, K

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  8. Always beautiful the way you paint eternity, the all of everything and nothing, parts of yourself and all of us. Longings and freedom. Thank you Kim.

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  9. Thank you John, was feeling the stars calling me this fine Friday morning, they are in alignment for amazing things….truly happy and excited and I’m so glad you enjoyed this. Peace and love, K

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  10. Feeling the cosmos calling me as the moon whispered from behind a curtain of clouds, sheen like silk, I smiled and played peek-a-boo back. Fun Friday’s, peace and love, K


  11. You paint with words beautifully. I very much like this line and the imagery it creates ” spread the dust of a thousand silent stars” —truly beautiful. Nice to meet you fellow Star child 🌌🌠

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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