Swim fishy, swim

I was asked to add some pics of our new home….till I get a better camera, we shall start with the newest piece of art. They watch us from on high….glistening in the sunlight and reflecting the blue at times of the pool.

We’re home schooled now I suppose…..swim fishy, swim…..

Waiting on a friend

Days beneath a sultry sun,

Sand and cypress scented air

Deep blue water and ice cold drinks,

Waiting on a friend.

To sit beneath the grassy fronds,

Wind whispering of life beyond

The waves and moon that will join us there

Waiting on a friend.

We will speak of things we remember with joy,

Of light and laughter without a care

As we feel the tension release its bonds

As we wait upon a friend.

Sunglasses on and tanning oil,

Mojitos or daiquiris to soothe the soul,

And as we pass the time I raise a toast

Waiting on a friend.

I see the faces with happy smiles

Those that come across a thousand miles

As day turns to night it will be like then

Sitting, and hanging with friends.

Saw this image of a cool tiki bar…..no, it’s not mine….just looking forward to a weekend that comes with a visit from friends back home and looking forward to all of the joyous days ahead.

Endless blues

To feel the witness marks of endless blue

Silk falls calm on waves as the sky touches

That which only it sees

Cast on endless seas that reach out

Touching softly the tender spaces

Where life clings in solitude

Reeling in memories like silver trinket fish

Flopping about at the bottom

Of life’s boat that drifts

Aimlessly into the mist.

Froth as sweet as a shake mixed

By the hands of the universe,

Stirred and blended into intoxicating thickness

Treasures unearthed beneath 

As the tide pulls out into the deeper darker blue

Of days that move along on the surface

Yet below there waits a world of visions,

Of colored stars and rainbow fins

 where the air leaves us helpless

To stay for very long,

And we bob along like sea birds

Riding waves like errant surfer boys

Skipping school and finding calm

And peace in hanging on

riding the swell into home.

Back and forth

Life moving me,

Deep as the turqoise sea

Swimming through days on peaceful waves

No current

Or riptide to tug on me

Farther than the comfort zone

Swimming to my own beat

Back and forth.

No need to move with the crowd

As the day finds me gliding on ripples

Happy in my space

Big bright sun gonna shine on me

Before the storm clouds blow this way

But I ain’t gonna let it get me down,

Ain’t gonna get no blues

Cause I’ve been schooled in beach time life

Sliding below to find

Time passes slower here,

Got all the time in the world

Hanging with my gang

Diving down

Gonna paint the town

In shades of arid sand,

Cause that’s how we roll

In paradise land.

Thoughts as we just wrapped up painted the master bedroom, the shade is arid sand. And the most excellent songs play on the Bose and we got it all done in just a few hours, while beyond the Windows,the Lightning played tag with the sky, we are inside and dry. Rolling….paint on, paint on…..yeah roll it.

Untitled ##

Music plays on gentle winds

Peace beckons all to come within

As she sits below the Spanish moss

Whiling away her day in beautiful thoughts.

The sun does shine on metal bars

That sing of mermaids near and far

A gift of heart hung in loving care

To catch the peace that’s waiting there.

It has no name again it seems

Just simple thoughts of magic dreams

And the ocean close yet far away

She knows she will return someday.

The angel wings whisper through this piece

To sing of joy, of souls release

And a twinkling tune for me to hear

To let me know that she is here.

I thank you friend for gifts from afar

For love and guidance and words that lift,

For the number one lady in a front row seat.

I thank you truly Kat from this soul complete.

A beautiful gift that finally found its perfect place to play its peaceful tune, where I sit and listen to the Angels that play, with wings of wind, ah such joy they bring. Thank you again dear Kat for the amazingly musical gift. Always, my mermaid muse of the desert and sea.

Untitled ###

I cannot give name yet,

No title to claim and change your thought

To the meaning of these words,

Letting themselves slip in

Unfiltered by a symbol,

Like the man formerly known as,

We all know the name

We all set words to the feeling

As we stand on the edge of our eternity wondering,

Waiting for someone,

Something to lead the way

And though we know there is no map,

No Google earth that can take that snapshot in time

Of a place we remember,

Of yards where dogs much smarter than we,

Stare up into the sky knowing

There is so much more out there

Than our feeble eyes can see.

So we create technology,

Moving faster,

More impressive than the days before we knew that a mouse

Was something more than what was caught in a trap,

Or plastic games taking hours to create,

Or caught within a quick cats paw.

Yet we still question,

Endlessly we question

And still stand on that edge with no answers.

But at some point in time we stop,

Perhaps accidentally or maybe even on purpose,

We linger and slow down long enough to gaze in the mirror,

To see the eyes that never quite come to rest out of fear,

Fear of being seen,

Or of knowing that the answer,

Like a simple prize valued in the Cracker Jack box,

Fingers sticky within a cardboard box digging,

Ripping open the thin paper of red, white and blue,

The one with the familiar dog that beckons us,

We in excitement so eager to break in to see our prize,

The same one that’s been here waiting all this time,

This plastic magnifying glass that will unearth the cosmic answer

The long awaited prize of an answer that we discover,

Had been lying within us,

The face in the mirror,

The one that always knew

Answers that sit on the tongue,

like the teachers pet who suddenly is afraid

Of standing out for knowing….

There’s so much more beyond the scope

But dare to search,

Lest we become disdained,

Hated for being ourselves

And shining out loud.

Jasmine (haiku)

Tangled tribe of vines

Gentle jasmine on the air

The sweet scent of life.
Delicate white bloom

Fragrance travels on the wind

Home in languid peace.

Finding self

I could be here,

Set adrift on endless beaches

Boca or Venice,

Names mean nothing when the winds blow.

We are set adrift on green blue seas,

Endlessly searching for words,

Or perhaps the faintest glimpses of a thought

That define this moment,

The here and now and how to describe,

To someone not here and now,

So we move along leaving our prints on the earth,

Toes in sand only to find them washed away,

Like us,

Like our souls,

As if we even existed at all.

I am the wind the blows sweet salted air

Soaring like a bird above,

Or a kite,

A child’s toy shaped as a terrorizing shark

But in reality it is only what it is,

One more moment caught in the memory hold

Stored away for days when we wonder,

Just where it is we are going to as we move along,

Our prints washed clean by natures tides

And the words that remain,

The sentences that temporarily give us meaning,

The words that say what we are,

In our minds defining us,

But like footprints, still only a temporary reminder

That we too,

Will be temporary.

Waves move in,

Waves move out

And so shall we on the tides of time,

So carry the memory of the beauty found along the way,

Write of white sand beaches,

Of love,

Of loss,

Of all the things that touch us so deeply within,

For in the end,

It is what shall be remembered,

With loving thoughts,

And sunsets remarkable,

We will rise

To become a piece of all that ever was.

Thoughts that come to mind, late in my night, of words received and with joy embraced and loved….healing comes in many forms, but to share with another that which touches us so deeply, perhaps lessens sorrow, to know you’re not alone, to know we truly have someone to call friend. We went to Boca Grande today, and to an art show that shared so many different varieties of someone’s passion. I did buy a bar of soap called Peace and Patchouli….now how could I not? Another post for another day.

Peace, love and drifting thoughts like seas of green. K

Bunny blessings of cuteness….did I really post this? I think it was the dog….she’s over tired again….

I asked for Oreo cookies….not Oreo bunnies…..(shout out to Neha)

This is what happens to my ears when I think I’ve been bad….I’m never bad….at least I don’t think so….uh oh….am I in trouble?

This is Mom poolside….she didn’t see me take this…..haha…..gotcha….can I have a biscuit?

Mom and Dad before their morning walk doing yogurt by the pool….I just don’t get it…..

Mom gave me some broccoli the other day….this is what I thought….same thing when you feed her cooked spinach…..yeah, we kinda look alike.

Another of me as a youngun’ yeah, in trouble as usual….but with attitude (shout out to Tre) it’s all about the sass…..


Did I mention I think I like carrots….although I’m not sure….what carrot? I don’t see a carrot…..did you drop one?

Shout out to Grandpa R…repeat after me, two cups of rabbits do not make a stew…..Rabbits are not for stew….the only edible kind are chocolate….yeah….chocolate….although I’m a dog and can’t have chocolate….just saying…..

Like all good relationships, unique, special and totally rocking it Ma and Pa…..

Hey, who asked for Groucho Marx?

All you need is love and friendship….at least that’s what Ma says about her blogger friends….(shout out to too many to name….)

Here are more blogger friends…..gosh, does she have enough yet? You all know who you are……

Here’s Moms prom picture……isn’t she the cutest thing? And no, you can’t have her, I’m a jealous dog and I do Not share (shout out to Jernee)

Hey look, it’s a squirrel….nah, it’s just my baby picture giving the high five because I’m a cool dog that way.

Hey, I think it’s an American Eskimo dog…I’ve got one for a friend….just don’t look at his butt….it gets a bit, shall we say…dirty? Not mentioning names…..sorry H…..

Uh oh, I think I hear Mom coming….sorry I took over for a bit, she would never post anything like this…she’s just not that creative…..but Happy Easter….maybe sometime I can pop in again with some cuteness, I’m all about the cuteness.

This post created by yours truly, little Chi….with inspiration from the lonely author and something about a whole lot of rabbits…..now shhhh….I’m gonna pretend to be asleep…

See…..sleeping…just like I said…..perhaps we can blame it on Apple….

Yeah…..she did it😊

WHY IS MY IPAD SEARCHING IMAGES OF RABBITS? Hmmmm…..I dunno….time for bed I think….

Where dragonflies reside

She writes by the light

Cool white glow emits colors of beauty

Where dragonflies reside

She can be found.

Words spin like summer days

Low and slow and filled

With traces of each yesterday,

She will dream.

Beside the peace of a thoughtful moment

Gifts borne of loving souls

She sits grateful in her space.

As night slips in and a sun flickers into darkness

The pen will weave magic of another day

And the poet will extinguish the Tiffany lamp

She will drift off into tomorrow with a smile.

A beautiful gift sent with no note attached as to the giver of such a wonderful and splendid piece, shedding dragonfly light onto another gift of a lovely bouquet of roses and other lovely yellow and purple flowers. Our lives are truly blessed and if anyone knows who the kind giver of the Tiffany lamp is, please let us now. Many thanks are in order. 

Peace and love and endless gratitude,

K & J