Swim fishy, swim

I was asked to add some pics of our new home….till I get a better camera, we shall start with the newest piece of art. They watch us from on high….glistening in the sunlight and reflecting the blue at times of the pool.

We’re home schooled now I suppose…..swim fishy, swim…..

Waiting on a friend

Days beneath a sultry sun,

Sand and cypress scented air

Deep blue water and ice cold drinks,

Waiting on a friend.

To sit beneath the grassy fronds,

Wind whispering of life beyond

The waves and moon that will join us there

Waiting on a friend.

We will speak of things we remember with joy,

Of light and laughter without a care

As we feel the tension release its bonds

As we wait upon a friend.

Sunglasses on and tanning oil,

Mojitos or daiquiris to soothe the soul,

And as we pass the time I raise a toast

Waiting on a friend.

I see the faces with happy smiles

Those that come across a thousand miles

As day turns to night it will be like then

Sitting, and hanging with friends.

Saw this image of a cool tiki bar…..no, it’s not mine….just looking forward to a weekend that comes with a visit from friends back home and looking forward to all of the joyous days ahead.

Endless blues

To feel the witness marks of endless blue

Silk falls calm on waves as the sky touches

That which only it sees

Cast on endless seas that reach out

Touching softly the tender spaces

Where life clings in solitude

Reeling in memories like silver trinket fish

Flopping about at the bottom

Of life’s boat that drifts

Aimlessly into the mist.

Froth as sweet as a shake mixed

By the hands of the universe,

Stirred and blended into intoxicating thickness

Treasures unearthed beneath 

As the tide pulls out into the deeper darker blue

Of days that move along on the surface

Yet below there waits a world of visions,

Of colored stars and rainbow fins

 where the air leaves us helpless

To stay for very long,

And we bob along like sea birds

Riding waves like errant surfer boys

Skipping school and finding calm

And peace in hanging on

riding the swell into home.