A song of Blue

Happy moments come filtering in,

Transpiring after dreams find their way

Into the heart of new days,

Blue days spent watching,


Eager for a day with a sun glinting off of the pond.

They will come to find

Days of bliss and solitude,

A place where many have come before,

Wooden glades where they ran before you came,

But they remain in hearts now set adrift into new sunsets,

And blue will lay claim to this spot,

Watching and waiting

For them to return from a long day gone,

Smiling as only they tend to do,

Content to hold down the fort.

Staking his claim on the woodland foes,

Laying by hearth at a masters feet

And curling by the bed,

Protecting the sleep to ensure a future of love,

Of happy dreams

Of home at last.

This post is to herald a new family in our old homestead, wishing a thousand blessings of many walks, days by the solitude of the pond, and too many memories to count.

Sara and Dustin, I wish you the joys and good days that we have found there in the tree laden bliss, and for Blue here sitting by the window watching and keeping guard, you have big paws to fill and I know you will excel as only a beautiful dog could do. Peace and blessings in your new home and cheers to a future of amazing days of dreams coming true.


2 thoughts on “A song of Blue

  1. It was helped along when she sent the photo of her dog in our dogs sitting spot. It seemed fitting and we are so very happy that they are calling our home, their home. It is a beautiful world full of joy. Thanks Robin, glad you enjoyed, K


  2. This was such a poignant piece of passing the “baton” or home into another family’s hands. Such heartfelt words gave me a teary response, remembering how this went about 10 years ago for me. ❤

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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