Mysteries of time and space

Images unseen move past the lens of life

Filtering through time and space

Within shadows there is light

Caught in a second 

Unaware until found

Having perhaps always been there.

Below the depths of an evening sky

Movement heard in crackling leaves

And the scent of all familiar

Calming the senses like a smooth invisible wave

Simple as incense smoke rising

And dissipating into itself.

Spirit moves me in the quiet melody of a song

And the cool air dries the sweat of a deepened sleep

Trickling down into the abyss

Of dreams of ghosts revisited.

I was going through some pictures I took on my iPad and came across this one. It wasn’t there before and I’m not really sure what it is, but it seems to be a lanai shot in the dark, but I suppose it is there for a reason, sidled between shots from morning till dusk. Love it when fun things like that happen unexpectedly. Magic photos unearthed.