In calm spaces

Words fall like feathers

Light empty spaces filled with promise

Reaching states of peace and calm

Expanding the thin tall room

The place where soothing winds blow through curtains

And silence fills the soul.

Heart beat echoes where there is heard

A repetitive breath slow and sure

Moving in and out like dreams come true

A place borne of knowing

It always moves back to home.

Lungs fill with yellow light beaming

And the warmth folds into the softest skin

Scents of jasmine and pine drift on breezes

And the tendrils of thought rise above the ceiling

Unable to be contained they flow outward

Into the energy of the morning that finds

A friend waiting to share

Of piece of peace

Touching down gently there

In an open hand ready

For simplicity.

Thoughts as I sit here on a comfortable morning, roused a bit early by the hounds who decided it was time to awaken and enjoy the peace together and wait for the sun to find us patiently waiting in eager joy. Good morning world, and happiest Thursday.