Between moments

I sit here under the darkening sky

lost between moments where the buzzing hum of machines

manicure tall grasses and fence posts

and the birds song tries to rise above

higher with the sense of peace

that is evading them.

I hear the leaves crackling as the wind gently blows two or three

into piles caught up in crevices

stacked in a pile between the concrete and screen.

Shades of brown vary at the feet

and the green of everything else

leaves a feeling of lush moist jungle

encompassing the soul in this new atmosphere

and I sit here still in this moment

watching each second tick by

nowhere to be

just this vision and me.


7 thoughts on “Between moments

  1. It was very cool though, I enjoy your work, black and white and a bit macabre is how I like it best….work that leaves you thinking….thanks Sheldon, peace and love, K


  2. Hi Sheldon,
    I finally got the high speed internet and am so happy. I can read, and respond right away instead of the five minutes it took just to “like” something. I love those solitary moments, it’s like when you hear a fly and there are so many other sounds but you zoom in on that one sound and feel almost like it’s a part of you. Thank you for sticking by me my friend and I loved your art today/yesterday, still wondering who the woman is or is she a morph of many? Oft times we are indeed that 🙂 peace and love,


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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