Like lightning

Moving through invisible moments

Ripping through the cyborg world

Like lightning flashing faster through space,

Sound hangs waiting

For the balance to catch up.

Blue skies linger 

Trembling with the sense of waiting

Slipping through the bounds of time

Returning to find a gentle calm charged

Electrified in excitement

Speeding energy in wires

Sending words to the universe

Back home nestled in metal boxes

Waiting for the next thought to come.

Happy with joy at the high speed internet allowing my life to resume at a faster pace, words can flow faster, and a smile as bright as the sun happens spontaneously.

10 thoughts on “Like lightning

  1. The iPad was my turning point, not having a smart phone but to drive and realize you can ask it directions, listen to favorite tunes and it will find he nearest BBQ joint in a 25 mile radius (a request of hubbys, I want the ice cream joint myself). Incredible but in a way kind of sad, it makes people closer in some ways but no one talks to each other anymore. They hide behind their gadgets. I love the Internet for it allows me to move with faster speed. The iPad was taking me five minutes just to load each like button. Now I know why I had six hundred emails stacked up during the move. Now hat was overwhelmingly stressing. Peace and love to K from K

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  2. I agree with your sentiments re the Internet…went offline for two yrs..came back on about a yr ago…upgrade to 8.1..learning all over again..touch screen weird..but wonderful to be back, sending my tho’ts and musings to friends all over the world…still amazes me to think I was born just after televisions were the new technology…look where we’ve gone, will you? My, my…love, Katie.

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  3. Enjoying it to the max. Have not had it for almost three weeks and it was killing me to be in slow motion. Although the move was part of it, so much to do and so little time, now we are here and life is good 🙂 peace, K

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