She waits (black and white)

In the silence below the smiling moon she waits,

wind blows the dying leaves through vacant streets

and she gazes into the eyes of the stars

thirsting for the words to quench her being.

Patterns learned through ages now lost

and the rhythm takes on new meaning as she smiles

at the blank empty houses that lay before her,

behind the castle looms large

yet welcoming to the sage of the night

to open the pages of a new history,

she flips idly the yellowed journals of yesterday

searching for her name written centuries before,

and unsurprised to find

boldly laid out below her finger

her birth and death defined

forgotten yet now known.

She of the dust of wars and love,

traveling to her destiny to find

below a moving earth where tides seek her touch,

the collapse of the walls of the castle falling into waves

and carried away to tomorrow

as she turns to find open space waiting

for the new pen to create

the art of now.


10 thoughts on “She waits (black and white)

  1. Each day will come and we all will create our sense of beauty and life as we see fit. The world is the oyster, and to each a beautiful pearl💜😊 peace, love and new moments, K

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  2. Haha, I like bologna….but I call it a blowme and cheese Sammy. Fried or grilled with Carmelized onions too….what kind of bread? French? Wheat? Sourdough is my fave…..I like sammies…..what brought up sammies anyway? Besides, I had smoked brisket last night so all set for food. You rock though. One bees two bees freebies😊

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  3. Two bees? Or not two bees? Do ya think it maybe sounds a little too Shakespearian? Too bees? Not two lez-bees or wanna-bees! What was the question? Anyway, I like how you fool around with the stars! Nothing obscene or anything. Just a twinkle here and there! Do you like balogna? Cuz I could offer you a balogna sandwitch. That is if you haven’t eaten yet… It’s not gormet or anything. I just used regular bread…

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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