A bit of morning (Monday)

What day is this that seeks to find

A thought left out hanging in the dew,

I had put it somewhere safe, 

Stuck it with a post it flag

To mark the passing of the days,

That flit by soundlessly

Like butterfly wings

Carried on a sweet scented jasmine breeze.

I think it’s Monday,

Yet it doesn’t seem to be

Like every other Monday that came to find me,

For it is filled with a peace sublime

And dew drips down with a humid sigh,

Sliding down the glass into the tray

Where I thought I had left yesterday.

As the sun awakes I see it there,

All the days stacked like thoughts without a care,

So I dust them off and set them free

And smile as they fly away from me,

Like white origami birds into the sky,

Leaving me with a sense of love

Hanging high as I get up to rise,

A day fresh and new has just begun

And I look beyond at the petite yellow bloom

And sense this moment is just so right

This waking tune,

This Sweet Monday delight.

Oh how I dread Monday’s, or at least I used to dread Monday’s. But I awake this morning before the sun to find grey clouds above, looking quite rainish….my word….but it’s okay, a new day to live and explore and create. A new cool dewy day to be alive as I drink my morning coffee. All is right, all is good and happy Monday to all. Peace and love, K