A bit of morning (Monday)

What day is this that seeks to find

A thought left out hanging in the dew,

I had put it somewhere safe, 

Stuck it with a post it flag

To mark the passing of the days,

That flit by soundlessly

Like butterfly wings

Carried on a sweet scented jasmine breeze.

I think it’s Monday,

Yet it doesn’t seem to be

Like every other Monday that came to find me,

For it is filled with a peace sublime

And dew drips down with a humid sigh,

Sliding down the glass into the tray

Where I thought I had left yesterday.

As the sun awakes I see it there,

All the days stacked like thoughts without a care,

So I dust them off and set them free

And smile as they fly away from me,

Like white origami birds into the sky,

Leaving me with a sense of love

Hanging high as I get up to rise,

A day fresh and new has just begun

And I look beyond at the petite yellow bloom

And sense this moment is just so right

This waking tune,

This Sweet Monday delight.

Oh how I dread Monday’s, or at least I used to dread Monday’s. But I awake this morning before the sun to find grey clouds above, looking quite rainish….my word….but it’s okay, a new day to live and explore and create. A new cool dewy day to be alive as I drink my morning coffee. All is right, all is good and happy Monday to all. Peace and love, K

14 thoughts on “A bit of morning (Monday)

  1. My mind can be an interesting place, I have fun trying to keep it in check long enough to write worthwhile things….it’s like that “oooh look, shiny things” mentality. I like to keep it in its peaceful box as much as possible. So glad you enjoyed it my friend,
    Peace and love, Kim


  2. I’m loving Monday’s because of the move, no going to work every day…after seventeen years of the same job and the stress of it and the move, it is incredible to wake and know hat for right now, I have no agenda except to walk the pups, take care of my health by walking for 45 minutes round the neighborhood and to just soak in the vitamin D. I’ve been on this strange and incredible journey where I am putting out to the universe everything I expect and it keeps on delivering. Makes me a very grateful girl to say the least.
    Enjoying each blessing and spreading the joy and love as I can.
    Peace and love to you and (my iPad keeps over riding tHank with Hank….must be a country fan this old iPad) thank you againπŸ’œKπŸŒŸπŸ’«β­οΈ

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  3. I often dread Mondays too…esp. after a lazy Sunday, lol! I wonder what happened while you were sleeping that inspired such a different view? Remarkable poem..I may come back and read this again NEXT Monday, ha ha! This is something that is rare, to find a day that is usually difficult if not harsh, change to an uplifting and wondrous time…love, Katie.

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  4. I don’t blame you. the only time I dont seem to mind mornings is when Im at the ocean. Must be the lush shush of the waves and those serenading gulls laughing at the winking morning sun πŸ™‚

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  5. Once I’m working again, I’m sure the ugh will return, till then enjoying mornings meandering with coffee and balmy mornings waiting for the sun. Peace and love, K πŸ˜€

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  6. When I was working, Tuesdays were my favorite day. Mondays were hard to get up and get started after a bit of rest over the weekend. On Tuesday everything was going well …. no problems or snags had developed. No piles of paper had accumulated. Wednesday and Thursday = disaster. Fridays brought a satchel of work to be completed over the weekend. 😦

    Retired now and everyday is like the Monday in your poem. πŸ˜‰

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