Zen morning

I captured the mood in grey skies damp,

Filled pockets of thought with emptiness and calm.

I walked through the cool damp morning

Past sleepy houses that wait for morning,

I find peace blanketing me with the finest mist,

Like champagne bubbles of a new day.

The wind has vacated the skies,

And silver clouds hang idly by

Parted with the breath of restless hounds

Eager to hunt the moving tree ghosts

Walking the line with a flicking tail

Peering at the scene below

Of moving feet and peaceful beings.

Dampness drips from heavy palms

Masquerading in their ghostly hues

Like phantom sentinels who mark the journey

Passing signs towards home.

Lovely painting found at: http://www.dailypainters.com/paintings/246797/Palm-Trees-in-Fog-8×10-Plein-Air/Sharon-Schock

Thoughts of our morning walk today, the air grey and heavy yet comfortingly cool. Moments filled with a quiet peace to begin the day in bliss.