Zen morning

I captured the mood in grey skies damp,

Filled pockets of thought with emptiness and calm.

I walked through the cool damp morning

Past sleepy houses that wait for morning,

I find peace blanketing me with the finest mist,

Like champagne bubbles of a new day.

The wind has vacated the skies,

And silver clouds hang idly by

Parted with the breath of restless hounds

Eager to hunt the moving tree ghosts

Walking the line with a flicking tail

Peering at the scene below

Of moving feet and peaceful beings.

Dampness drips from heavy palms

Masquerading in their ghostly hues

Like phantom sentinels who mark the journey

Passing signs towards home.

Lovely painting found at: http://www.dailypainters.com/paintings/246797/Palm-Trees-in-Fog-8×10-Plein-Air/Sharon-Schock

Thoughts of our morning walk today, the air grey and heavy yet comfortingly cool. Moments filled with a quiet peace to begin the day in bliss.


8 thoughts on “Zen morning

  1. Nah, I shall just cop them from the Internet and give credit to the thousand other peeps with much more photogenic skills than I possess. Got a pricy tripod, just need the good camera to go with…someday…..in the meantime, what I get is all I get and I’ll be glad for it…and richer too😊stay warm my little Eskimo, stay warm😊


  2. Plan on spending $800.00 if you want a good camera, to interchange lens etc. Then a good sturdy tripod will cost you $300. Or you can just get a point and shoot for $500.00… You’re very creative so a camera is just what you need, given your location now.

    No snow left on the ground but daytime hi’s are only around 5 degrees; about average for this time of year. Lots of rain and not enough sunshine yet. Don’t want to hire someone to shine a flashlight on my head wherever I go, so I guess I’ll wait just a month more… Or so… Wish I were there! Luv: Cup Cake

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  3. HI Darryl,
    After a few years in art school, I managed to squeak through not proficient in any mediums, oils, water colors, etc…but I did excel with a T square and changed the major to architecture. Now I write, go figure. It was a foggy morning and when we walk the dogs, don’t bring a camera so when I returned, googled palm trees in he dog and this was the image that spoke to me best. I must get a working camera to bring along…..maybe I can figure how to put it in my computer and download the Images too….now that would be a great treat. How’s your weather my friend? Getting springlike? Have the icebergs melted off the tundra? Be well sweetness, K


  4. So beautifully expressed Kim! You really have a way of bringing us all along for the ride! I love mornings; usually bright sunny ones, but it’s interesting how you describe the palm trees: ‘Masquerading in their ghostly hues’ You give life to the trees, unexpected or seldom seen just this way by others. With it’s softened hues and tones, such a morning would bee interesting to paint! Time to get out your easle and brush, and paints… Then just take pictures of your artwork and post them. Or you good with water colors? Visions like yours are worth painting! Wonderfully done Kim!!

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  5. Katie,
    Your words have lifted me this beautiful afternoon. I never thought I had much talent, just random words that fell from my mind which tends to run on too many tangents at once. The sad part is, it only takes me around five minutes to write. I turn the page when done and if you asked me tomorrow what I wrote today, I will rarely remember. I always thought it a curse but like so many things on my journey through life, I’ve learned to embrace it as a part of the soul of me. I was shy as a kid and spent hours just writing what I liked to call “aimless drivel” and then when I began this blog I was so very nervous that no one would read it. It’s not “real” poetry is what my mind told me, then I realized what makes everyone different and amazing is the fact that they are honest and just put it out there….it has been an incredible journey and I think the best thing I ever did was start this blog as it has enabled me to meet so many wonderful and talented individuals. If you ever jot out a poem and wish to share, you can email me it, I won’t criticize. Zipsride@me.com and I always get back to people within a day, now that the move has officially ended. I am blessed to have you in my life Katie and I give sincerest and heartfelt thanks. Peace and love, Kim

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  6. You have a beautiful page…I love the words you put above your comment box..I feel sad that until now all I’ve been able to do is like your poetry and run on…this yr. I am learning to live, rather than just survive, so now I wish to take more time to read my friends..to tell them how I feel about what they’re writing, to have more of a voice, to be less shy..I have been reading your poetry for a yr, Z., and…I love it..it captures your mood which many times has lifted mine…taken me to a better place on many days…this one is lovely…to be so inspired by a painting, I understand that..but to write so accurately and still keep your light and wistful style of poetry…it is hard for me to imagine as poetry escapes me in writing it I mean…but I love to read others works..yours are some of the best I’ve read…thank you for being your inspiring self everyday..love, Katie.

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