And there I became one

Beyond the shallow edges of sleep

There arose in a dream the floating essence

Rocking gently below a star filled sky

Adrift to anywhere my thoughts wandered

On glistening waves

Finding my way home.

It was there that I fell into a darkness so deep

Like midnight seasons with no moon in sight,

Falling below the thick night air

Moisture saturating my soul.

In a far away place I came to stop

Endless beaches with no souls in sight,

Just sand as far as I could sea

Beckoning me to walk awhile.

I came to a fire that glowed in solemn silence,

No prints to mark another’s passing,

Just a small stack of wood ready

A place to sit and rest a spell.

I began to hum a song from long ago,

From years before I became this being,

A song of longing and lost thoughts found

The words still eluding me,

Yet on each breath I felt the strength find me,

Images came to mark the destiny

And I knew that this was where I was meant to be

And it was there that I became whole.

I returned to the vessel that carried me

Once more back into the endless opening

And rocking once more on the gentle waves

Back and forth drifting

Alive below a million stars that sang to me

The words I had lost

That would finally show me

The direction home.

Gorgeous image found on Pinterest.