At the waters edge

I press my feet in white wet sands,

Feeling the slight pull of ocean tides

Where a thousand grains and piece swirl

Cascading me in its rhythmic lullaby.

At the waters edge the mermaids call

Their siren song of foam and destiny

Deeper I move towards setting sun

And horizons beyond that never end.

I come to seek the bits and treasure

Washed ashore as the rollers move out

I stoop to pluck from a million gems

The perfect piece that touches my heart.

My soul finds peace on cloudy days

Or wind swept sun that shines above

It is all here that I immerse myself within

Where my soul splashed by diamond drops

Settles comfortably and at peace,

To be weightless on water

To be on the edge of this eternity.

Thoughts on a late morning stroll on the beach plucking sharks teeth from their nestled homes in shell piles, feeling the cool water on my toes and the salt fresh air welcoming me home. 

Photo found on Pinterest……didn’t take my camera for fear of loss by waves.

Emerald movement

Your words spin through my soul

Wrapped in ribbons of green

You move through my universe

Silk threaded skies on high

Emerald beauty

Cascading atmosphere of gems.

My colored days found

Ends of rainbows caught like drops of diamonds

Slipping down the screen of sleep

And far away the night calls to remember

The beauty often caught and then forgotten

With the break of each dawn,

As sun rises over the faithful

We say a prayer for simple moments,

Of amazing memories,

Of colors united in life

Wrapped like a sweet gift

Round the universe

All touched with the beauty

This life shining on.