Into the vortex

Darkness swirls on edges lit

As a a thousand suns speak years away

We meander on in a search for truth,

For the journey within to uncover stones

The path we found

The road to home.

Within the heart I’ve travelled years

In tunnels damp from giants tears 

That slid down past the mountain wall

And darkness shoved down

Deep in the hole.

Yet we emerge to lights of day

And shove aside the thoughts of grey

Still rise above on stars of glass

Looking through to see yesterday’s passed

And hallways marked no entry there

And coming close, we find we’re here

Where magic spins its silken web

And wraps us in a bridge of no fear

We spiral out to come back in

Welcome friend, we meet again.

The dark hours fade into the morn

And with each light we are reborn

To find ourselves in spaces new

Below the silken skies of blue,

The water’s edge will call us in

To wash away the pain of then

Emerging whole

To begin once more.

Random thoughts in passing after a writing seminar this evening. So many trying to make it or to reinvent and be seen, yet slipping between the cracks I find I like to watch and just be who I am, spinning like a star, moving through in light. A tired mind oft times makes no sense…..enjoy my spiral of dusted scatterings. Peace, K