Into the vortex

Darkness swirls on edges lit

As a a thousand suns speak years away

We meander on in a search for truth,

For the journey within to uncover stones

The path we found

The road to home.

Within the heart I’ve travelled years

In tunnels damp from giants tears 

That slid down past the mountain wall

And darkness shoved down

Deep in the hole.

Yet we emerge to lights of day

And shove aside the thoughts of grey

Still rise above on stars of glass

Looking through to see yesterday’s passed

And hallways marked no entry there

And coming close, we find we’re here

Where magic spins its silken web

And wraps us in a bridge of no fear

We spiral out to come back in

Welcome friend, we meet again.

The dark hours fade into the morn

And with each light we are reborn

To find ourselves in spaces new

Below the silken skies of blue,

The water’s edge will call us in

To wash away the pain of then

Emerging whole

To begin once more.

Random thoughts in passing after a writing seminar this evening. So many trying to make it or to reinvent and be seen, yet slipping between the cracks I find I like to watch and just be who I am, spinning like a star, moving through in light. A tired mind oft times makes no sense…..enjoy my spiral of dusted scatterings. Peace, K


25 thoughts on “Into the vortex

  1. Fantastic post, thank you very much for sharing it with the rest of us. This is a post that I am going to reblog for you, hopefully it will help draw a little bit more traffic your way.

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  2. Yes, a free spirit indeed my sweet friend. Yet you do a fine job of giving us glimpses of the darker side,,stirring wonder and suspense and fear😊 now, that’s an art. Peace and love, K


  3. Ah, you know I’d vote for you anyday. The world needs people like us for president, teaching kindness and humility to the world and spreading joy and peace like raindrops😊 thank you my friend, so glad you enjoyed it😊
    Peace and love,

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  4. Delightful, Kim. Your description of the writing seminar gave me a sense of the suffering associated with striving or hungering to be known, and also the warmth and solidity that comes from “just being who I am”… It is the heart of joyous experience I think. To be who we are and be comfortable with it. To disconnect from needing the world’s vote…

    Peace and Love!

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  5. Thank you Elizabeth, so glad you enjoyed it, some days I’m never quite sure where I’m going with the words and thought train….then other days I just let it roll and see where it ends up….peace and love, K

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  6. Thanks Bee, wasn’t sure I would even post it and then accidentally hit publish. Was supposed to be geared for this morning, ah well, things happen, and thank you, so glad you enjoyed it😊
    Peace and love,

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  7. Ah thank you my friend, I appreciate it and am so glad you enjoyed it. I meant to post it his am but goofed up and hit direct publish last night….wasn’t sure if it would make any sense to anyone but figured it’s written, why not? Peace and love to you, K

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  8. Thanks T, all sorts of insights although the guest speaker writes novels based on CIA, thriller mysteries he was a font of info. Got me in late according to my normal bedtime so with all the info, no,dinner, my mind was shot by the time I lay down…..but I got to sleep in a bit which was nice. Another hour walk this am and then off to IKEA, never been there before but I hear a lot more walking involved😊

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  9. Thanks Mary,
    I meant to trigger it to go off this morning but my mind was whipped last night, but it’s always nice to wake up to kind responses. I thank you my friend,Peace,

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  10. It was very informative. The first hour plus A gentleman who has over seventy or eighty books out talked about writing, compression of time and gave different examples of how life happens in 150 words, real time but people read,350 a minute so giving detail about the room for example, descriptive terms for people. Etc…they also discussed ebooks versus hard cover and we had a local publisher but they only publish mystery thrillers…not my genre. Today there is a book fair with authors who rent a tent and sell and sign their books. The whole affair is called Venice writers festival ( and this year is year 5. There are a lot of writers in this town, Stephen King lives a bit away too. Now that would be a treat to meet him too.

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