Pondering…a dogs thoughts

She comes in like a quiet whisper

Piece of grass hangs like a weed

Yesterday thoughts of tall grasses

Stuck between teeth as a child

Country bumpkin sight

Laughing I catch her image

As she just stares off

Into trees giving birth to new leaves beyond.

Does she remember days spent

Running for hours in wooded lands

Chasing the scent of things unseen,

Here now a thousand miles away,

she watches the tree rats dance

Their Walenda high wire acts up and down

Yet she is the wise one, 

She knows the score and just watches

A yard away is beyond her scope

And fences keep her safely tucked away

While a mama smiles knowing where her babies are,

Morning walks makes tired pups

And she waits at the door for my return,

Like a spying eye to the keyhole

Standing watch for the homecoming,

What’s in the bag the nose inquires

And a bone beneath the springtime sun

Is just as fine as a bone back at their old home

And we sleep each night tired from days spent

Running to and fro,

The first face I see smiling at me,

Minus the grass yet sporting the wagging tail,

Rise and shine my girl,

A new days just begun and we’ve miles to walk

Before we’re done.

Thoughts on my girl Apple who came in earlier sporting the spring look of grass in pie hole and I couldn’t resist grabbing a shot of the happy hound. They are adjusting well and her nails look well manicured from the long walks she’s marching on every morning, sighting and trying to chase the squirrels then content napping on the couch after. I think the weather suits their mood too.