Pondering…a dogs thoughts

She comes in like a quiet whisper

Piece of grass hangs like a weed

Yesterday thoughts of tall grasses

Stuck between teeth as a child

Country bumpkin sight

Laughing I catch her image

As she just stares off

Into trees giving birth to new leaves beyond.

Does she remember days spent

Running for hours in wooded lands

Chasing the scent of things unseen,

Here now a thousand miles away,

she watches the tree rats dance

Their Walenda high wire acts up and down

Yet she is the wise one, 

She knows the score and just watches

A yard away is beyond her scope

And fences keep her safely tucked away

While a mama smiles knowing where her babies are,

Morning walks makes tired pups

And she waits at the door for my return,

Like a spying eye to the keyhole

Standing watch for the homecoming,

What’s in the bag the nose inquires

And a bone beneath the springtime sun

Is just as fine as a bone back at their old home

And we sleep each night tired from days spent

Running to and fro,

The first face I see smiling at me,

Minus the grass yet sporting the wagging tail,

Rise and shine my girl,

A new days just begun and we’ve miles to walk

Before we’re done.

Thoughts on my girl Apple who came in earlier sporting the spring look of grass in pie hole and I couldn’t resist grabbing a shot of the happy hound. They are adjusting well and her nails look well manicured from the long walks she’s marching on every morning, sighting and trying to chase the squirrels then content napping on the couch after. I think the weather suits their mood too.


25 thoughts on “Pondering…a dogs thoughts

  1. Ah, pics, I shall do that although yours will always be so much nicer…hard at best to keep up with speedy hubby, I find I, the lax one dragging behind looking at the beautiful landscapes and wondering of the folk who reside behind such beautiful decor😊

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  2. Morning walk sounds nice. And yes, Brussels is… shocking, for lack of a better word. A fellow – Belgian – blogger calls it the result of our “ambiguous politics”. Totally right. And very sad for the victims. Keep walking. (And do treat us with pix) xxx Brian

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  3. Thanks Brian,
    Chilly this morning but will still make it out for our morning walk, and eighty six by the weekend. Woohoo! I need to get out with my iPad and take pics for a blog piece😊 waking up to news about Brussells, wow, crazy world for sure. I always pray for peace…..

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  4. Bienvenue dans ta nouvelle maison Kim. Welcome to your new home. Yes I would imagine the cat to take longer to adjust, but it will be ok. Happy Easter in your new home. peace and love back at you. 🙂 B.

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  5. The nice thing about down here is it is rich in seafood, which I positively adore, and fresh seasonal veggies…..made our own orange juice today, nothing beats it. Gotta get healthy and enjoy he new digs, but loving it💜

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  6. Thanks Elouise, were having a lot of fun, lots of exercise, down fifteen pounds and except for the cold today, it’s been spectacular in the weather department. Although just had to go on a search mission, the other one is a natural Houdini and managed to escape beneath the fence. Found her in the neighbors yard staring at me like uh oh, I’m in trouble now…..the life with the beasties, never a dull moment.

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  7. What a wonderful reflection on everything new–filtered through doggie eyes! Your hour-long+ walk sounds fabulous. And Apple is gorgeous–especially her eyes and coat. Thanks for the peek inside your new world! 🙂

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  8. Thanks Bee, so glad you enjoyed Apples tale, we just returned from over an hours walk and she’s holding down the couch lest it decides to fly away😊 a bit cool this am, 59 degrees but excellent for a morning ramble through the neighborhood😊
    Peace love and waiting on sun, 💜K

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  9. Thank you John, just popped in and read a few. History seems much more fun when told by you, not so stuffy and all😊 I shall read some more after I’m caught up on my regular scheduled reading which includes one of your posts. I always save the longer ones for when I have decent time to sit and absorb it. Peace and love, K


  10. I love me the pups, that’s for sure….we bought a king sized bed and had both the goofballs up there last night….they keep you warm, although not exactly needed down here….the warmth that is😊 thank you , so glad you enjoyed , peace, love and doggie joy😊🐕


  11. Thank you John for sharing that with me. I had never heard of it, although I did know waltzing Matilda as I sang it as a child. I love dogs, not having kids they’re like my kids😊 I like to think of them as my wild dingoes….some days drive me crazy too. Saw a dead possum down here the other day, I know it was no relation to yours, it was white and quite mean looking….perhaps it was playing dead…although In the middle of the road, most likely dead. I have a piece of yours still to read, looking forward to that today😊 peace and love to you, K


  12. Yes Brian,
    We made he move down here on the third of March, took us three days to get here but we made it in one piece. The cat is adjusting well too, although only a high of sixty three today, I may need a sweatshirt😊 loving it so far, still so much to do and every day there’s something to knock off. Hope you’re well my friend, peace and love to you,

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  13. Thanks Tre, I was laughing so hard when she plopped herself down, usually she’s very self conscious about things in her teeth…she’s a good girl…..and now I’m laughing, the tv just popped up that Tre was getting the key to Boston? Or something like that….send me some chowdah😊 peace, love and happy Monday😊

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