The darkness within

The dark forest looms ahead

Ghostly greens lay like blankets hiding

Things that move unseen,

Spanish moss hangs cobweb-like

Draped like a funeral shroud,

The eyes watch silently high in trees

As crows caw brings it’s fear and mystery,

And the hawk screeches as it take flight

Grasping at the movement in the night.

A scurry here I do not know,

But see the open spaces waiting

Like a den or lair for the hunters snare,

I don’t go in

I do not dare.

There is evil here on this stretch of road,

Where muddy wallows lay empty and waiting

For gleaming eyes to rise from below

In swamps murky and covered with moss and slime

Something moves and the goosebumps rise,

The hound stays close and gazes in

At something foreign and sinister,

We move past quickly,

No time to waste

As the rustling comes closer

Perhaps were too late.

Just a little thought on the creepy spaces between yards down here where I imagine the monsters and slithery creatures tucked away waiting to jump out and scare….all in fun, the hounds are prepared. 


14 thoughts on “The darkness within

  1. Had to refollow so you show up in my mail, sometimes WordPress doesn’t send me all of my followers and I see it’s been awhile since my visit…..😀apologies my friend. Peace and love, K

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  2. Thanks Sheldon, how’s the visit going? Stir crazy yet? Just kidding, life’s balance, light and dark, I prefer the sunshine and rainbows myself, but sometimes it’s fun to delve into the dark abyss and poke the sleeping beasts….shadow play and all….peace love and many thanks my friend,


  3. Haha, yes, saw one on the news this am, they are around too…more afraid of alligators and venomous snakes though….yeeeech….scary…..😀and bobcats and Jaguars and coyote oh my…..


  4. Thanks Tre, my mind likes to imagine the scenarios….there are a lot of homeless down here too, many which seem to be in need of meds, sometimes you see remnants of where someone lived for a bit, not to mention alligators, snakes, and bobcats oh my… glad you enjoyed….was trying something a bit different, glad it worked out. Peace and love, K


  5. There always something to draw us in even though we feel protected
    There always a sense of darkness
    Even when you walk the path of light
    There are the spirits that call wanted another victim to add
    Life has a way
    Just as darkness has its…..
    We always have a choice
    Great one K
    As always Sheldon

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  6. The hounds have your back, I’m sure. This is extremely vivid, the imagery is solid. Very nice visuals. Especially here:

    “I don’t go in

    I do not dare.

    There is evil here on this stretch of road,

    Where muddy wallows lay empty and waiting

    For gleaming eyes to rise from below.”

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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