On clouds of thought

My mind rests high above

Cotton candy circus clouds

Below the big top sun

And spin silently round and back

Reaching heights unseen

Locked into a spring time dream

On clouds of thought

Spent at the midway.

A ticket to ride

Pennies the price

Through fog of chance

I see the lights below

Yet not ready yet to let it end,

This ride put up then stripped down again

And moving along to the next destination

Rising up yet again

Waiting for new thoughts to climb in

To see the eternal sights

Under the star filled skies tonight.

Come one

Come all

Thrills and spectacles abound

Just make a wish and it will be

The joy for all eternity.

The fair is in town and seeing the big tents in the distance as we drive, remembering as a child all the magic and fun inside. Oh, and there’s rides too…..

Portals to paradise

I peered into the keyhole of a wall of dreams

seeking to gain entry to the paradise beyond

I heard it lay past the brick road of my youth

patiently waiting for the key to unlock

the visions that waited me.

The clouds rained down as midnight found

the sleep on the edge of eternity

and I woke to find in the palm of my hand

an old worn golden cross-shaped key.

Attached a note saying find me now

and I crept through the corridors of dark and shadow,

following the light that slipped from the wall beyond

and I found it solid with no place for a key,

just a peephole down low where a child might see through.

I slipped to my knees and went to see where it led

and beyond it a wall with a larger hole laying open

and in that hole was a bird with red wings

waving to me to follow.

I pushed the key into the peephole below

watching with delight as the door slid quietly open

and making my way into the space allowed

felt it silently close behind me.

What was this world that beckoned me

through life and sleep and dreams

visions of paradise lay waiting for me to enter

and I moved forward into the light.

The scent of jasmine and gardenia hung fragrant on the air

and I felt as if I had moved into a cloud of warmth,

I followed the bird that danced above me

with laughter in its eyes it seemed

a happy being in this magical place and I gave it a nod and followed.

Through paths of green I watched waterfalls beyond

and mountains and streams and oceans deep,

this was a place where the animals came freely

as if to meet a new friend,

and I couldn’t help but to stare then

as this could not be real,

but as soon as that thought came into my mind

the bird stopped and shook his head no.

The scene around me began to fade just a bit

and I realized for not believing,

it would make it so

and I closed my eyes and asked for guidance

and the voice said quietly

it is all for you,

it’s always been for you if only you believe.

I opened my eyes buoyed with calm and peace

and the colors returned to their brilliance

and suddenly I knew this place as if it were home,

as if it had always been a part of me.

I had found the key and the entrance,

and I finally believed in all the magic and wonder that could be,

all that really was true.

The garden of paradise

the hope and light and that had been waiting,

now found and embraced

like a morning sun

that will always rise

even if not seen with the eyes,

in the heart

in darkness behind clouds

it comes in its time

to say hello friend

I’ve returned.