On clouds of thought

My mind rests high above

Cotton candy circus clouds

Below the big top sun

And spin silently round and back

Reaching heights unseen

Locked into a spring time dream

On clouds of thought

Spent at the midway.

A ticket to ride

Pennies the price

Through fog of chance

I see the lights below

Yet not ready yet to let it end,

This ride put up then stripped down again

And moving along to the next destination

Rising up yet again

Waiting for new thoughts to climb in

To see the eternal sights

Under the star filled skies tonight.

Come one

Come all

Thrills and spectacles abound

Just make a wish and it will be

The joy for all eternity.

The fair is in town and seeing the big tents in the distance as we drive, remembering as a child all the magic and fun inside. Oh, and there’s rides too…..


24 thoughts on “On clouds of thought

  1. Thank you my friend, with the circus and fair in town, felt the need to reach higher to times of childish glee…it seems to have worked. Peace love and happy days, Kim


  2. Thank you, yes, they seem to be the popular line, and most likely a fave in the sky too, not that blue skies aren’t great, but I love to cloud gaze, could do it for hours😊☁️ peace and good things, K

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  3. I loved the circus for the animals mostly but I love the fair, love to people watch, the rollercoaster scared me as my sister took me on and when we got to the top, she started swinging the cart back and forth, I didn’t feel secure and I was crying and screaming….she wasn’t always nice to me back then but we get along good now😊 and lest I forget, the food at the fair, the smells, and of course the animals 😊🐓🐖🐂🐫🐴


  4. We were a bit poor so the Shriners gave us tickets to attend, I remember bits and pieces, terrified of clowns though….scary things they were….loved the horses and the animals though. Now the county fair is and was a favorite….I love to just go and people watch now😊


  5. Ah, well then, if there are rides…! I was always afraid of the clowns, but I have befriended some since then. Just little moments. A sweet, shy one that gave me a flower. Then there was one that looked at me and did a charade of a smile on his face, with his hand going in a semi circle at his mouth, in a car at an intersection in San Francisco, where I was waiting to cross, during my time there when my brother was dying. Then I had one for a friend. I didn’t know she was a clown sometimes, when we met. Do enjoy the fair/ circus!!

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  6. Down here in Florida, they have the cotton candy clouds almost daily depending on the hour 🙂 quite enjoying it though, although a little more warmth today would be perfect 🙂

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