And then what?

What happens then she asked, in a timid quiet voice,

When we reach the end of the road,

The edge of all that is,

What happens then?

Who was I to be the one to answer,

As each one of us moved through on our own,

Slinking through this life with open arms

Or fear in our eyes for what could be….

What could I say to allieviate the discord,

To banish the anxiety that could arise,

But no,

It was not my place to speak of that which I had learned

Through the tumultuous road I had travelled,

For that was my journey and not hers,

So I smiled, like any semi wise person would do,

And still she looked at me with those inquisitive eyes

And I bowed my head before her and reached out for her hand,

There, I pointed towards the future,

There is where it begins and it is there that you must walk.

She looked at me with a slight trembling fear in her eyes,

I don’t want to go there alone she said quietly.

I chuckled lightly, hearing my own words come forth from within her

And I gazed down at her and gave her a slight nudge,

I shall walk with you for but a little while,

And then you must go alone for it is a path I know well,

And for you to learn all the world has before you,

You must learn by yourself,

But fear not for I shall be watching,

You may not see me, but when you feel most afraid,

Picture me and feel peace, 

See me in your mind and know I am there.

She seemed contented then and we took the first steps forward,

I lit each star on her path and lent her my light gladly.

We came to a fork in the road and she began moving on her own,

I stopped and she turned around realizing that I was to go no farther.

Thank you her eyes said and the world about her began to emit a strange glow,

She nodded once and reached for me but I had already begun my descent down below,

I smiled and gave her a wave and she gave one in return,

She was a child of the universe,

I was her star above,

She had bravery in her heart

And I was so proud to let her go,

She who would become the soul who would someday shake the foundation of all,

A piece of stardust and light thrust forth in her new home,

A star seed making her way to amazing things.

Thinking thoughts in dark times of light that is often forgotten yet much needed. Just a tale from the tippy reaches of my mind….peace, love and light to all, Kim


Sweet Luna came to find

The sweet secret hidden in the night,

Shedding light on all she saw

Eclipsed in beauty by none.

She gazed into the mirrored sea

That rippled softly with the tide

Slowly moving over her sister earth

Searching for the mystery of her birth.

She circled long through the night

Neither here nor there but always moving

In an arc she left behind

Bits of stardust and cloud.

She grew weary of the search

Sinking slowly into sleep below the edge

And there to rise was sister sun 

Gathering up the remnants of what Luna left behind.

She covered all with blinding light

And gave warmth to the beds below

As it was Spring the flowers sighed

Come now little ones, it’s time to rise.

The harmony of night and day

Of moon and sun and earth,

The cycles of seasons moving forward

Returning to come round once more.

I awoke last night while Luna was so very high, illuminating the world around me in her white spotlight. Always an amazing sight, today sun and warmth return and the flowers at dawn fill the air with a perfume that can never be compared to anything man made. Life is beautiful.

Lovely artwork by Amanda Clark found on Internet.