Sweet Luna came to find

The sweet secret hidden in the night,

Shedding light on all she saw

Eclipsed in beauty by none.

She gazed into the mirrored sea

That rippled softly with the tide

Slowly moving over her sister earth

Searching for the mystery of her birth.

She circled long through the night

Neither here nor there but always moving

In an arc she left behind

Bits of stardust and cloud.

She grew weary of the search

Sinking slowly into sleep below the edge

And there to rise was sister sun 

Gathering up the remnants of what Luna left behind.

She covered all with blinding light

And gave warmth to the beds below

As it was Spring the flowers sighed

Come now little ones, it’s time to rise.

The harmony of night and day

Of moon and sun and earth,

The cycles of seasons moving forward

Returning to come round once more.

I awoke last night while Luna was so very high, illuminating the world around me in her white spotlight. Always an amazing sight, today sun and warmth return and the flowers at dawn fill the air with a perfume that can never be compared to anything man made. Life is beautiful.

Lovely artwork by Amanda Clark found on Internet. 


3 thoughts on “Gathering

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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