Stolen light

I captured it,

Invisible wires holding captive tiny fragments,

Bits of light in glass jars

Flitting about impatient

Yearning to only fly free.

It was stolen light,

For it was not mine, not really,

Maybe just borrowed for a moment

To say I had it for awhile,

But it begins to dim a bit

The longer it’s held captive

And in misery at the unjustified act

I release the light back to the world

For no light can be tamed,

No flicker can be controlled

For we all are rightful stewards

Of this little light

And when we set it free,

Pass it along with joy and a giving heart,

Oh then the spectacle is bliss

A light joined by a thousand lights

Can you feel it?

The warmth of contact

With perfection,

With the universe

And with all within.

Having such a grand day today, my mind open to giving and I find it is I that received instead…now that is an amazing light feeling….spread the light, be the light my friends.

Peace and blessings,