Stolen light

I captured it,

Invisible wires holding captive tiny fragments,

Bits of light in glass jars

Flitting about impatient

Yearning to only fly free.

It was stolen light,

For it was not mine, not really,

Maybe just borrowed for a moment

To say I had it for awhile,

But it begins to dim a bit

The longer it’s held captive

And in misery at the unjustified act

I release the light back to the world

For no light can be tamed,

No flicker can be controlled

For we all are rightful stewards

Of this little light

And when we set it free,

Pass it along with joy and a giving heart,

Oh then the spectacle is bliss

A light joined by a thousand lights

Can you feel it?

The warmth of contact

With perfection,

With the universe

And with all within.

Having such a grand day today, my mind open to giving and I find it is I that received instead…now that is an amazing light feeling….spread the light, be the light my friends.

Peace and blessings,



23 thoughts on “Stolen light

  1. Thanks Darryl,
    Enjoying the weather and life down here in the jungle, hope your staying warm and thank you as always for the fun comment, you always make me smile. Peace and love my little Eskimo 😊❄️


  2. Thanks Mary, had friends over last night to see the new house and when they went to leave, there on our front porch was a firefly Tiffany style lamp. A housewarming gift but we’re still trying to figure out from whom. No note that we could see….a mystery to solve today. More light😊


  3. You just blew me away here!! ‘Stolen light’,,, Who else could find such a dazzling topic? Your poems are always spell binding and always inspirational! Big, wet, sloppy kisses: D

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  4. A light joined by a thousand lights. Be the Light. Beautiful piece.
    Love and Light,

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  5. Thank you Elouise, I am having one of those days where I’m hitting angel numbers (numbers that come in triplicate) and every where I turn, something good happens. I love days like that😊 so glad you enjoyed it too, have a blessed day, K💜

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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