Finding self

I could be here,

Set adrift on endless beaches

Boca or Venice,

Names mean nothing when the winds blow.

We are set adrift on green blue seas,

Endlessly searching for words,

Or perhaps the faintest glimpses of a thought

That define this moment,

The here and now and how to describe,

To someone not here and now,

So we move along leaving our prints on the earth,

Toes in sand only to find them washed away,

Like us,

Like our souls,

As if we even existed at all.

I am the wind the blows sweet salted air

Soaring like a bird above,

Or a kite,

A child’s toy shaped as a terrorizing shark

But in reality it is only what it is,

One more moment caught in the memory hold

Stored away for days when we wonder,

Just where it is we are going to as we move along,

Our prints washed clean by natures tides

And the words that remain,

The sentences that temporarily give us meaning,

The words that say what we are,

In our minds defining us,

But like footprints, still only a temporary reminder

That we too,

Will be temporary.

Waves move in,

Waves move out

And so shall we on the tides of time,

So carry the memory of the beauty found along the way,

Write of white sand beaches,

Of love,

Of loss,

Of all the things that touch us so deeply within,

For in the end,

It is what shall be remembered,

With loving thoughts,

And sunsets remarkable,

We will rise

To become a piece of all that ever was.

Thoughts that come to mind, late in my night, of words received and with joy embraced and loved….healing comes in many forms, but to share with another that which touches us so deeply, perhaps lessens sorrow, to know you’re not alone, to know we truly have someone to call friend. We went to Boca Grande today, and to an art show that shared so many different varieties of someone’s passion. I did buy a bar of soap called Peace and Patchouli….now how could I not? Another post for another day.

Peace, love and drifting thoughts like seas of green. K