Untitled ###

I cannot give name yet,

No title to claim and change your thought

To the meaning of these words,

Letting themselves slip in

Unfiltered by a symbol,

Like the man formerly known as,

We all know the name

We all set words to the feeling

As we stand on the edge of our eternity wondering,

Waiting for someone,

Something to lead the way

And though we know there is no map,

No Google earth that can take that snapshot in time

Of a place we remember,

Of yards where dogs much smarter than we,

Stare up into the sky knowing

There is so much more out there

Than our feeble eyes can see.

So we create technology,

Moving faster,

More impressive than the days before we knew that a mouse

Was something more than what was caught in a trap,

Or plastic games taking hours to create,

Or caught within a quick cats paw.

Yet we still question,

Endlessly we question

And still stand on that edge with no answers.

But at some point in time we stop,

Perhaps accidentally or maybe even on purpose,

We linger and slow down long enough to gaze in the mirror,

To see the eyes that never quite come to rest out of fear,

Fear of being seen,

Or of knowing that the answer,

Like a simple prize valued in the Cracker Jack box,

Fingers sticky within a cardboard box digging,

Ripping open the thin paper of red, white and blue,

The one with the familiar dog that beckons us,

We in excitement so eager to break in to see our prize,

The same one that’s been here waiting all this time,

This plastic magnifying glass that will unearth the cosmic answer

The long awaited prize of an answer that we discover,

Had been lying within us,

The face in the mirror,

The one that always knew

Answers that sit on the tongue,

like the teachers pet who suddenly is afraid

Of standing out for knowing….

There’s so much more beyond the scope

But dare to search,

Lest we become disdained,

Hated for being ourselves

And shining out loud.

14 thoughts on “Untitled ###

  1. Thank you so kindly Michael,
    I have always been drawn to,the image of a solitary soul standing at the edge of the water viewing the wide expanse of everything, as if deep in thoughts questioning the universe before us, and then I often wonder about the magic that we expect in life, for some it’s like the Cracker Jack box prize, as a kid I was so excited to dig for that thing and was often let down, I think it’s about our expectations. Most importantly when we don’t expect it, that makes it so much more special when it happens…when we got the Google earth app for the first time, we searched for our house and then zoomed in only to find it was a pic from fall and standing outside,the garage was our beloved dog and he was looking up as if he knew…..he had died a few months before we found that pic but what an amazing gift to almost feel as if he were still there watching, waiting. Ah so much joy. The little joys, priceless. Like your response, priceless my friend. Thank you for being an inspiration to my life😊

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  2. I really enjoyed this and have the sensation of the importance of making contact with the grand cosmic presence at work within us. The importance of breaking the ice that sometimes traps us in particular views or experiences of things. The importance of coming home to ourselves, regardless of how it is received externally… And so beautifully expressed…

    Thank you for this empowering and uplifting piece, Kim!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh yes! We take our squirrels up here very seriously too! They’re trying to steal our nuts! Yes but I like all these little odd idiosycrisies in the sheeple; there human sides peep through… Thanks for the feed back! Wish I had a picture of your cat! True our dogs really are walking us. It was so pleasant to speak with an actual person! Why do I wanna jump up and down with you and run through a field? Canada… You guys must think it so empty up here. Sometimes you don’t see a sign post for 700 miles…

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  4. I don’t own a tutu….but the cat does, they’re called matts and she wears them proudly, till she gets them off and throws them up at my feet….now the poor impoverished dogs, we drag them around the streets for an hour each morning….tiring he poor things out….no nail trimming needed, they do it themselves yanking on the leash trying to run down dastardly squirrels….although an old man was feeding his squirrel peanuts today and he told us our dogs couldn’t have His squirrel…..strange peeps indeed. Must be Canadian.😊 haha….just kidding….


  5. LOL! Can’t put one over on you… Does this mean your dog will be dressed in a tu tu, and your cat will be hitting the hash pipe? LOL! You caught me in a good mood! I must cherish this 🙂

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  6. I was often disappointed in the prize, and now as an adult, I like crunch n munch much better, but for their time, they were the best….I am a nut fan, so less corn, more nuts please😊 so glad you enjoyed it😊
    Peace and love, K


  7. Thanks Sheldon,
    I am so glad you enjoyed it, I just kind of let it go where it wanted to without reigning it in much. Happy Monday my friend,
    Peace and love,


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