Swim fishy, swim

I was asked to add some pics of our new home….till I get a better camera, we shall start with the newest piece of art. They watch us from on high….glistening in the sunlight and reflecting the blue at times of the pool.

We’re home schooled now I suppose…..swim fishy, swim…..

19 thoughts on “Swim fishy, swim

  1. Us too, always a topic of conversation with us…I call them groupers…hubs calls them gropers….either way, they are such fun to gaze at….glad you enjoyed😊
    Peace and love,


  2. I am enjoying them with each day that passes….hubs is tickled pink by them…I think they’re grouper…..tag didn’t say…..but they’re fun none the less which is the most important thing….we’re getting along swimmingly😀


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