Time stamp

How many moments

Forgotten on cards set aside

For the next trip

And the moments that need to be kept

Separated from then and now.

Time stamps returning thoughts

Of days gone by,

Moments forgotten and not recalled

When revisited by chance.

Sleeping dog unaware of the watcher,

Rugs cluttered with toys in playful moments

And spring shadows sculpt beauty

As she waits for acknowledgement 

Of a day that slipped by or so thought

Yet resting here now among momentos of yesterday,

I smile quietly in deepest thought 

As I see the changes.

We all turn more tired and grey

Time putting its stamp on us all

Setting minutes aside for the discovery

Of youth found once more.

Playing with the new computer and inserting an old camera card, memories come to life once more…..sleeping dog and playful dog waiting to pounce…..and pouncing dog with cat who is no longer on earth, but a sweet memory….the fat squishy cat who was also fond of hanging with her dog friends investigating the old wood pile for chipmunks….ah, sweet memories indeed.


4 thoughts on “Time stamp

  1. The small surprises in life that bring joy unexpectedly are always the best😊 so glad you enjoyed my friend,
    Happy Sunday and good things,


  2. I love the photos! You’re sharing your fondest memories of your babies with us and that’s the sweetest. The poem is a perfect date. Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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