NaPoWriMo 2016 *Day 2* Family Album

We sang to the world and made it a better place

Always with some ups and downs we always knew there would be in the end

The all important piece

Called love.

 We were always moving on up, new faces and new places

Where Buildings touched the sky and we met new friends

Blending in to the mix of life.

We were many and we held on through tears and laughter,

Life and death

And all the things life could possibly bring.

 Mom cried when Dad died and we sat wondering what would happen
But we made it through, we had each other.

We were beautiful and we were brave,

The sisters that I wished were me.

 We were lost in a land where monsters roamed night and day,
Leaving nightmares behind to this day,

A scary place we longed to escape.


We went to school and learned through hard knocks lessons,

Sharing memories and spaces before moving on.

 We roamed the dusty west, riding horses and doing good deeds,
Helping neighbors and friends,

Though we had some trouble, fighting and growing

We had each other in the end.


Our world was often black and white

Yet there was always a smile to be had.

 We grew up innocent and the country was where it began,
Simple life with not much money,

Love was enough.

 We became temporary tribes when we combined,

A little of each three girls and a boy

Times two became too much.   We dreamed of escaping someday,

Yet made it through each storm unscathed


 We were stared at for being different

Each unique in our own way

And we grew up secure that we were going to be okay.

 We lived our own rules

Becoming strong through this thing called life,

Not always there together but always in the mind

The essence of a family album

Good times,

Bad times…..


Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write about our families, perhaps finding a picture and writing about each person. I don’t have any complete images so thought I’d write about the families I became a part of growing up, locked in my world of fantasy and escape.

Perhaps my family was a part of yours too…


14 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 2016 *Day 2* Family Album

  1. Many many hours, shows these days don’t seem to hold a candle to what we had back then, reality shows are not reality shows… least nothing near my reality as far as I can tell. Good memories though indeed.
    Peace and love,


  2. These pictures are great! Yes, they were all like family. All had their issues just like real families and we escaped into them. Sort of taught us all what “normal” is. Haha. 🙂 Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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  3. It was lots of fun, my extended families growing up, escaping into another world daily, felt like they were my best friends as I didn’t have many….glad you enjoyed it,
    Peace, love and tv land,

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  4. I love the take on this, venturing out and turning it into something totally different, but still the same. Always a pleasure, Kim.

    Liked by 2 people

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