August was a heavy month-NaPoWriMo Day 4

They tear down every year

Colored rides and sideshow games

Days have grown shorter and I know

The time of fun will finally end.

School books ready

Just not ready for shoes and slacks

Swimming time over as the sun sets soon

Padlock on gates

And back to the routine.

Longing to stay free

Riding from morning to night

Sleep overs and escape to friends,

Feeling those prison gates close

Sitting below tight wooden desks,

Pencils poised and the clock that never ends

To bring release.

Languid hot days we lie out on lawns

As the last firework fades

And the lightning bugs fly away

August was a heavy month

In my tired memory.

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt for today was pick a month you found as cruel….I remember always being melancholy as the county fair wound down to a close….time to return to the drudgery of school… that was cruel……
August was a heavy month lyrics

I’ll take another photograph

Before the old one fades

It reminds me of those things that past

And quickly passed away

But it comes on in the early night

Creeping up on you

Those scenes of devastation

Crushing down on cue

These days are growing colder now

The light is growing dim

August was a heavy month

And now the nights are drawing in

Poor Baby Blue’s wrapped up again

Inside her final pain

I’d help her if I could I say

She puts us all to shame

Alright, alright I know I’ve got a lot

Left to answer for

But am I the only one to blame

And anyway who’s keeping score

But the grass seems so much brighter now

She’s spilled her blood again

August was a heavy month

Wash it down September rain
Baby Blue picks up her life tonight

And rushes for the Chelsea train

All the stars shine down on her tonight

And August was a heavy month
The photograph is cracked and torn

From being picked up, put down

Like some holy relic

Whose worshippers are found

Searching through their sacred books

For the holy grail of “why”

But the total sum of knowledge

Knows no more than you or I

Alright, alright says Baby Blue

Who doesn’t really understand

August was a heavy month

But winter came at last.
*written by Bob Geldof

*taken from the album “Deep In the Heart of Knowhere”

15 thoughts on “August was a heavy month-NaPoWriMo Day 4

  1. I just posted a gift for you on my blog…..with love and sincerest appreciation for you being you😊 hope you enjoy. You’ve touched me deeply my friend, I too am honored to call you friend.


  2. You made it a point everyday to say the words of kindness
    You have become more than just a fellow blogger
    We are beginning to walk the path
    It’s not easy to find the comfort
    with someone
    I thank you I’m
    As always Sheldon
    And above all Peace

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ah Sheldon,
    Not easy to do but you have brought a rainbow effect, smiles through happy tears at this spectacular gift. Oh how you’ve made my day that much more amazing. I thank you for being part of my journey and I couldn’t ask for anything more as you have given me the world with your beautiful words. I hope you’re recouping well and not in too much pain. You’re in my thoughts daily.
    Peace and love always,


  4. Pickin up the pieces
    As my favorite cup fell
    Knowing all the while
    I would have to find anew
    Yet it won’t be the same
    It was wore it certain spots
    And had a great feel
    I looked forward to those spots
    That never….
    The cup to me represented my life
    And for this there wouldn’t be a need for change
    Yet life has a way of speaking
    When all you are hoping for is silence
    So I went to the cabinet
    Found another
    And as I drank
    I thought I heard the cup speak
    Thank you
    I hope the same for you
    “A present for you
    Because of you being you
    As special as you were
    When I needed special too”
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  5. Oh you’ve so got me drooling to come down there and share a slurppy! LOL! I miss you too Hun! Enjoy the sunshine 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  6. The first bit was mine, going to,school as a kid, the second bit was a song by a fave of mine, Bob Geldof….I think August here will be hot with a chaser of hot….swimming pools and sea urchins….😊 sorry ‘aboot the snow….not missing it….ill try to send some warmth your way once I get some, only 78 here today and eegads, I have a sweatshirt on as we speak….my blood must be thinning already… some reading to,do on your site too….Wednesday and Thursday….catchup day😊
    Miss you my friend, talk soon,


  7. Thanks John, I grew up close to Canada in Western New York, I think August down here now will take on new meaning, hot, hot, and sultry….but that’s what wallowing in the pool is for😊 thank you for more history of down under….I always assumed it was always hot and dry down there, fires and wild pigs, too much The Thorn Birds ideas filling a school girls head….a favorite book of mine read three times and I own the mini series…..
    Peace and love,


  8. April has been a rotten month! We just got another dumping of snow…I can’t quite get a handle on what this persons occupation is. August might have heavy air; it sits heavy sometimes… It’s probably on YouTube.

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  9. Down here in Oz the summer has gone and the cold mornings are here and in a few hours I must drive my daughter down to Uni after the Easter break. I thought you must live in Oz until I saw the word August. But it was the same for all my life except for different month. Fantastic.

    Liked by 2 people

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