NaPoWriMo-Day 3-Return to Sender

August 30, 1997

Dear Princess Diana,

I am writing this letter to you for a school project about heroes. 

I am ten years old and I picked you because I saw the pictures on the news where you were hugging children who were sick. Mama said it takes a special kind of person to love the diseased kids who were going to die unloved and that you were special.

I want to be you when I grow up. I want to be a doctor and go to one of those countries far away and to help hug and save them.

You are pretty too. I don’t think I will ever be as pretty as you but I practice smiling just like you and when I grow up and get married I want to wear a princess crown like you have.

My name is Diana too and my mom said she picked it because it was a pretty name. I never liked it but when I saw you, I knew that I wouldn’t want another name. 

I just want to say thank you and to let you know that you’re my hero. Hug a sick baby or little kid for me when you go there again.



I am a day late for NaPoWriMo and yesterday’s prompt was to write a fan letter. I chose to write a letter from a child’s point of view, written to Diana the day before she died, hence the return to sender title. Hope you enjoy.

Peace and love and #1 Diana fan still.

12 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo-Day 3-Return to Sender

  1. Hi John, it’s national poetry month. is the website I use….they give you a prompt every day for all of April, gets you out of,the comfort zone and expands my horizons a bit, check it out, never too late to catch up, I think with your amazing story teller style, you’d come up with some fabulous stuff, not that you don’t already, I have several to catch up on after my house guests depart and life goes back to a bit of normal. She is my hero, always, loved her, followed her and mourned for weeks after her death…..
    Peace love and heroes rock!

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  2. Always, I pondered all day not sure what fan to write a letter to, then I awoke from a dream about writing a letter to her….went with it even a day late….my catchup on reading will be Wed…..I see I have some of yours in my box to reflect on, looking forward to it,
    Peace and love dear Elouise….never too late for that😊

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  3. A perfect ten year old hero letter. I am 72 and I have a photo of Princess Di wearing body armour in a field of land mines. You chose a good hero. But I don’t understand what NaPoWriMo means.

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  4. Beautiful. And the timing is intriguing–a letter to Diana written one day before her death; your lovely Diana letter posted a day late. Adds to the pain of loss, and the reality that we never know what tomorrow will bring, or not bring.

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  5. Thanks Laine,
    I have guests in town for a few days so,trying to squeeze reading, writing, etc….and doing the touristy thing has become a bit of a challenge….catch up Wednesday is the plan😊 so glad you enjoyed it😊

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  6. Thanks Erica,
    I woke up at two in he morning and my brain was composing it, I almost got up to post it but was afraid I’d never get back to sleep. Late to the party for NaPoWriMo….happens I suppose…..busy days.
    Peace and love,

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