Falling skies

To live here,

A place of peace and natures magical shows

Skies come alive in darkness and light,

On fire as the sun settles in for sleep.

Red tipped clouds whispering,

Crimson dipped tendrils hanging

Waiting for my gaze.

I reach up as if to touch

The flame of evening moving through

Lost in wandering thoughts I remain

Motionless as a statue

Barely breathing as if I forgot how,

Lost in the rapture of now.

I long for sweet scenes

Images forever singed into my memory,

Each sun that rises

Too must set

To return once more like a welcoming friend

Sunshine smiles warming my skin

Scent of tropical oils on air

Hanging on a dream

Come true.

NaPoWriMo Day 5-Circle of life

Unexpected finds

Vultures dancing on air

Brown form lies in death

Food for life.

Who know what led to the demise

As the battle becomes more fierce,

Black wings like fists shake angrily

As some move in

Others give way.

Searching for spots to tear,

No open flesh to give easy entry

A hard fought meal will ensue

Circle of life on a tired trail.

I would have loved to view him alive,

To see the beast with kin

Moving through the forest deep,

Yet in perpetual sleep he lay

Waiting to fade into the remains of today

Picked clean in time feeding many,

Forgotten around the next curve

We walk away somber yet aware

Of the impermanence of this life,

Short moments cherished.

Today’s prompt was to write about heirloom plants and their unique names yet having a brown thumb, chose instead to let my mind wander to heirloom pigs, and then back a bit farther to earlier today when we happened across a fresh carcass of a wild boar. Not large, perhaps the size of a fifty to seventy pound dog….thirty or so black vultures picked at it and fought for a piece….life in its extreme elements of life and death. I have photos but chose not to include them…..instead a googled image of a wild boar…..but they are good eating brined and slow smoked. ….my bad……