Falling skies

To live here,

A place of peace and natures magical shows

Skies come alive in darkness and light,

On fire as the sun settles in for sleep.

Red tipped clouds whispering,

Crimson dipped tendrils hanging

Waiting for my gaze.

I reach up as if to touch

The flame of evening moving through

Lost in wandering thoughts I remain

Motionless as a statue

Barely breathing as if I forgot how,

Lost in the rapture of now.

I long for sweet scenes

Images forever singed into my memory,

Each sun that rises

Too must set

To return once more like a welcoming friend

Sunshine smiles warming my skin

Scent of tropical oils on air

Hanging on a dream

Come true.

25 thoughts on “Falling skies

  1. Thank you so very much, a lot of the Images I use are from google but I pick the ones that speak to me, helps making the writing that much easier, thank you, peace and love,


  2. But not as interesting as the three katanas I saw two days ago at the Ringling Estate Art Museum, a traveling show on Samuari warriors, full body gear, weapons and the like….they wouldn’t allow anyone to take photos of any of it which was disapointing….I thought of you as I perused all the cool weapons…it was on loan from Rome I believe….cool stuff.


  3. Thats wonderful and I look forward to reading it too, the skies down here are amazing…..last night we went to the rookery at sundown to watch the birds come in to settle, the great blue heron looked to be feeding two others….fascinating to watch and the skies down here never cease to inspire me😊


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