And they spoke…

How could I have forgotten

On the endless quest for the light

That darkness would always follow

Lessons to learn

Images to memorize

On our way through this life

We see what we long to

Ignoring the signs,

Dead end streets that leave us wondering the direction

Internal compass in perpetual kitty wampus,

Is that a word I’d often heard to describe the state

Of chaos,

And the birds chatter on branches endlessly,

Yet Poe is no longer around to decipher the script

And I hold up the cardboard sign

Pleading for understanding on a desolate site

and yet they move on like passengers

Locked into the endless 3D screen,

Waiting for a conclusion,

And here I sit in thought wondering….

There they go again

Driving by as the red light changes to green

I am unseen.

Into bushes I will move as the light I sought

Burns too deep,

And I will escape into the night,

Befriended by the darkness

Slipping into the nest

I call home.

Many thoughts moving….a large homeless population in the small city/town that is home…as seasons change….darkness and light battle….I give my thougts to the lost souls near and far.

NaPoWriMo-Day Sex….I mean Six….

Disclaimer now some of you with minds somewhere other than food may read this as something else….that was not my intent…..just sayin’.

I hold you softly

Cupped in my hands

Round soft skin invites

Delving within to find

A pleasure’s bliss


Creamy soft

Like butter slowly melting on my tongue

Slippery on my fingers

Swallowed with sublime joy.

Natures treat of Gods given

Ripe and firm the time is now

Spooning the flesh from skin

Come my love,

Let us begin.

Come on people, oh people, of course it’s avocado….I just had some and oh it was the perfect ripeness. True pleasure indeed.

And now, our (optional) prompt! Today, I challenge you to write a poem about food. This could be a poem about a particular food, or about your relationship to food in general. Or it could simply be a poem relating an incident that involves food.