Art of burning man

Psychedelic dreamscape

Sand washes the horizon into a crisp baked shell

Crusted nights under stars

Where the sea life swims in moon gardens of life.

They come here

Dancing creatures through a haze of smoke

Whirling to the rhythm

Natures drumbeat kicking vibes in the air

Moving the atmosphere in a cloud of dust

Cities burn to ash and emptiness

Blowing on the wind

Of a moment never to be left behind

In a memory it rises up

Soaring above the crowd

A reborn Phoenix joins

The whale of space and time

Lingering like the scent

Cannabis wafts on heady clouds

Lost in a peace of a desert town of sand.

5 thoughts on “Art of burning man

  1. Thank you Sue for that lovely compliment. I am thrilled and don’t quite know the words to say here, wow, I’m so glad you enjoyed it and what a nice thing to awaken to this lovely Friday morning.
    Peace and love,

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  2. Your imagery is so crystalline. I have the visual of every perfect detail. “Dancing creatures through a haze of smoke.” You have so many delightful cerebral pictures and they call on every one of my senses. This is truly amazing.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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