In pursuit of compassion

I see where love lies

Caught in the arms of those who know

The touch of love in the eyes,

The soul of the world in another.

We carry each other through

This life that often leaves us tired,

As we try to navigate the roads

That often leave us lost,

With love in our hearts we shelter

The weakest of the flock,

Teaching ourselves how joy can be found

Wrapped in the arms we keep safe

That which we hold sacred and dear,

Those who fuel our inspiration

And get us through until tomorrow comes.

In the eyes of the protectors we are human,

Ourselves for better or worse

But never condemned in their eyes

For we are their world

A piece of each of us made whole

In unconditional love.

I found this photo on the Internet and had to write something. As I worked out sore muscles this evening in the pool, and let it be known I never swim in the evening, I surfaced at the end of the pool to find my dog a bit frantic, as if she were my lifeguard tasked with saving her damsel… distress and thank goodness, no wet dog to dry off in the end….gotta love those pets. Thank you Apple for worrying…alas no camera to capture the moment….wouldn’t have fared well for the Kodak😊

22 thoughts on “In pursuit of compassion

  1. Wow, what a comment and I truly thank you for the perspective. It makes a lot of sense when I read your thoughts on the matter. I think in many ways when it comes to the giving money, I have a tendency of listening to others who steer me away from doing what’s in my heart but now I will follow what I feel and give freely, thank you for that, your words are a blessing.
    Peace, love and giving in joy,

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  2. Giving when you can without judging them is very commendable. Most people think they will spend it on drugs and alcohol when sometimes they truly just need to eat.

    One of my friends once told me “who cares if he gets high with the money I give him, nobody would want to live on the streets sober” and when she said that, having being homeless herself, it stroke a cord. Ever since that day, I just give them money without any back thoughts.

    You know, a lot of people end up homeless because they let their past traumas, like childhood abuse or other kind of trauma, driving them sick and on the streets.

    When one’s heart and one’s mind is sicken by traumas, it can lead someone in the dumpster… It’s a dark reality but it’s true. But you know, being homeless is temporary for some people. Often times, after couple weeks, months or years, they snap out of it and they go ask for help dealing with whatever issues that make them feel unworthy.

    Me myself I felt homeless for several years going from one house to another, crashing on couches sicken with childhood traumas… Even tho I always had a roof over my head, wherever I was, It never felt like home. Only recently, I might have found a place where I can finally “maybe” call home for the first time in my life…

    You know, a lot of people grow up in loving and caring houses that make them feel like home. But a lot of us grow up feeling “misplaced” and “troubled”. Keep in mind that a house/roof does not necessarily equal a home. Home is an important feeling that makes you feel you are welcomed to be there. When one does not grow up knowing that feeling, well, it can lead them looking for it in the strangest places.

    Every time an homeless person asks me for money and I see they are in really bad shapes, I just give them what I can because deep down I know It could of been me when I was dealing with depression. If I didn’t have people in my life who accepted that I crash on their couch, or even crash on their floors in an empty room for months…

    I probably wouldn’t be writing those lines right now 😉

    So yeah… if you are uncomfortable giving them money, just get them a sandwich or a soft drink from the corner store. They will always be grateful for any kind of act of kindness. Trust me.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful day and that answered couple of your questions!

    Cherish the life you have and if you ever go through tough times, whatever those times may be, I want you to know that I believe in your abilities to make it all the way up!

    Infinite peace and wisdom!

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  3. Where I moved from, it wasn’t something you saw in my town, just in the city for the most part, now here I see it as quite prevalent…it always gives me pause, wondering about their stories and what led them to be where they are in their life…it is a sad situation and I try to help where I can.
    Thank you, peace and love and a roof for all,

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  4. Welcome back my friend,
    No caffeine would kill me…..and nicotine for me comes in losenges…been ten years without a smoke….
    I can’t wait to see the new artwork…I will try to keep my mind from guessing what the theme beneath is🙁
    Taking meds sucks too….I’m working in getting off of mine…I hope you’re not on them forever and that its just a temporary thing till the body heals up.
    You know you can always email me if you ever just need to vent too….I’ve got big shoulders and I can take it.
    Sheldon, you get well soon….don’t be too hard on yourself and I’ll send some positive healing happy thoughts your way….gonna run and look at some art I hear is cool……peace,


  5. I am home Kim
    I was there for about 3 and half days
    I have so much medicine
    My pills have sons and daughters
    I just posted some new art work
    I have so many new rules
    That I will be going to church just to stay out of trouble
    No caffeine or cigarettes
    I’m a lose cannon rite now
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  6. She loves belly rubs! And, yes… She gotta lotta love last night, much more than the norm. We send our love. Happy Saturday!

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  7. Thanks Laine, mine just went back out to finish her nightly hunt and the pups are napping….it’s not light so they think it’s still bedtime….peace time for me…and coffee to wake up to. Glad you enjoyed it my friend. Happy Saturday😊
    Peace and kitty hugs,

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  8. Good morning Sheldon,
    I hope you’re a bit better….will you be staying at the no sleep hotel long? I glad you at least have us WP bunch to keep you company and badger you unmercifully😊 sending smiles and the cartoons will be on soon😊 get better my friend. Dogs rule😊

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  9. Thank you so much, so glad you enjoyed it. I love animals and my pups are often a source of inspiration and oft time irritation too but I wouldn’t have it any other way😊
    Peace and love,

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  10. Thanks Tre and I hope Jernee got a big dose of love…..not that she doesn’t on a good day😊 does she like belly rubs? My two go crazy for it….that and biscuits…..and bones….and squirrels….happy girls. Have an awesome day.
    Peace and puppy love,

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  11. Great poem
    As I lay here in this fortress of a hospital bed
    I can only think of my small bean,my pup
    I miss her so
    Thank you for your support and love
    As always sheldon

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